WordPress hosting providers faster than Kinsta in speed

Kinsta is always in top priority for bloggers to host their WordPress site. Off-course Kinsta is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting with great performance and support. It is not easy to beat the speed of Kinsta for other managed WordPress hosting providers. Even WP Engine, Pagely, Flywheel are also behind Kinsta and they are unable to beat Kinsta’s in speed.

Lots of bloggers think that there are no WordPress hosting providers exists who can beat the speed of Kinsta. Probably you also think so. If you are also thinking the same thing as others then wait… Let me tell you something that you may not know until now.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you about two managed WordPress hosting providers who can beat Kinsta in speed. These hosting providers give the server response time a little bit faster than Kinsta. These are also managed WordPress hosting providers with quality infrastructure to speed up a WP site.

I know, many bloggers will be shocked after knowing that kind of hosting company exists that can give even more speed than the one that is always in their first choice. Many of you can think even it is really possible? Now without wasting any time I am going to start with one of the two WordPress hosting in the starting.

WPX hosting for WordPress

WPX Hosting is less popular than Kinsta at this time. Many of you may not hear the name of this hosting provider. Even you are also listening to the name first time on this blog. WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider. Just like Kinsta they also provide hosting only for WordPress.

A big difference between Kinsta and WPX Hosting is that Kinsta is built upon Google Cloud, but WPX has its own server.

Well, I am currently using WPX to host one of my WordPress websites. On WPX hosting I can see that my website server response time and loading speed are amazing. Not for only my website, but also for many other bloggers who had experience both in Kinsta and WPX, they also able to experience the same thing.

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But that doesn’t mean Kinsta is slow. Actually, if there are two WP sites, one is hosted on Kinsta and the other one is on WPX, then when a user browses a website hosted on Kinsta and another one on WPX, then the user will not probably able to experience the difference in speed between these two websites unless they carefully examine. But when someone checks the server response time using the Pingdom tool, then it will be clear that the average speed of WPX is faster than Kinsta.

But the strange thing is that the price of WPX is too much cheaper than Kinsta. If you want to pay monthly, then you can easily run a blog with medium traffic just in $25 on WPX, but if you want to run it on Kinsta, it will then cost you $200 to $300.

I am not sure, how WPX can provide this quality of hosting at this cost. But I guess this is because they have their own server. Not only this, but the WordPress site hosted on WPX beat Kinsta in speed. I also migrated one of my websites from Kinsta to WPX. Even I can also see my WordPress website load faster than Kinsta.


Pressidium is another managed WordPress hosting and most probably it also provides faster speed than Kinsta for WordPress site. Well, I never host any of my sites on this platform, but I came to learn from many of the bloggers. Also, I check out the popular blog of Brian Dean’s backlinko.com is also hosted on Kinsta.

When I check the site backlinko.com I was just amazed to see how fast the website load. Tony Florida, a blogger and also a YouTuber tested the performance of both Kinsta and Pressidium and he found that Pressidium has a slightly better server response time than Kinsta.

Well, in case of pricing, Pressidium is also a costly managed WordPress hosting, but still cheaper than Kinsta if you want to host a medium or high traffic WordPress blog.


Well, these are the only two managed WordPress hosting providers I know which I think a little bit faster than Kinsta in speed. I tried a lot but didn’t find any other providers that can beat Kinsta except these two I have discussed. This is because it is not easy to defeat Kinsta.

If you ever experience any other WordPress hosting service that you think can defeat Kinsta then please let me know. I will like to test their performance.

Although the loading speed of WPX and Pressidium is not too high than Kinsta, at least we are able to find two hosting that beat Kinsta even for a slight difference. But on the other hand, Kinsta is using the Google Cloud server that trusted by many bloggers and this is one of the most important reasons that Kinsta attracts lots of bloggers. WHo doesn’t want his blog running on Google’s server? Isn’t it?

Not only the Google cloud infrastructure of Kinsta but also uptime, easy to use dashboards and tools, a clean dashboard is also so great.

I hope you have got some useful information from this blog post.

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