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Are you thinking to start your blog in WordPress or want to migrate your WP site to a hosting that gives faster-loading speed? Then you can try the WPX Hosting which provides high-quality managed WordPress hosting.

If you want a discount coupon code for WPX Hosting then you are at the right place because in this article I am going to give you the discount coupon for WPX. After all, who doesn’t want to save the money?

To get the 50% off on WPX hosting visit this link and then select your monthly plan. During the process when you see asking for discount or coupon code, just put the discount code EYESWIFT50 in the box. I again repeat that EYESWIFT50 is the discount code or coupon code.

After you apply the discount code, you will see that the price reduced by 50%. Remember, the discount code is applicable when you choose the monthly plan.

Quality of WPX hosting

Now you may think about the quality of WPX hosting. But I want to let you know that, I have already written an article where I gave you an idea about this hosting. Here is that article – WordPress hosting providers faster than Kinsta in speed.

Yes, WPX hosting is slightly faster in speed than Kinsta managed WordPress hosting. So the discount offer is not the only reason you should go with WPX hosting. The quality of this hosting is also a factor to choose this hosting service for your WP blog.

Also, their support system is also great. They just take seconds to come in your chat support and start typing. Whenever I need help I just start with their chat support. They are always there in the chat support.

I didn’t have to do anything in the migration process. I just gave the WPX support team my FTP, wp-admin login details, database access and they did all the other things carefully completely free of cost. Well, they can migrate up to 5 sites completely free of cost.

Currently, I am hosting two of my WordPress blog on WPX. You are reading this post on this blog is also hosted on WPX. You can browse this site to check out to get an idea about the speed and performance of this hosting.

I am monitoring one of my blogs on this hosting with 5 minutes of interval and I never found any downtime in the last 7 days. My experience on WPX hosting is amazing.

Previously my website was hosted on Kinsta. After I migrate my site from Kinsta to WPX, I can see the speed is slightly faster than Kinsta but still far cheaper in price than Kinsta. I hope you will also have a good experience after you start using the WPX hosting.

Another amazing thing about WPX is that they do not rely on any third-party providers for their servers and CDN service. They have their own servers and data centers with the latest technology to give the speed is top-notch. They have their own in house CDN service that is really so faster.

Well, I am using Cloudflare pro service, so I am not using their CDN service. But you can also try their CDN service.

Is WPX worth for your WordPress site

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new blog or want to migrate an existing blog with a lot of traffic, WPX is always one of the perfect choices for you. When I migrated one of my sites, it was receiving almost 10k visitors per day. But they did it without having any downtime.

I was amazed by their service, support, performance. So off-course choosing this hosting service is going to be one of your good decision in your blogging journey.


I hope this article is going to help you by saving some of your money. So go and enjoy a 50% discount for your WordPress blog hosting on the WPX hosting platform for the first month.

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