WordPress vs Blogger – which one is better to start your blog?

WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress and Blogger (BlogSpot) are two popular blogging platform. WordPress is an open source CMS application which you can use to start a self-hosted blog and on the other hand, Blogger is an online provider from Google to start your blog on Google’s platform.

Although there is an online blogging provider wordpress.com, here I am going to talk about self-hosted WordPress CMS driven website. The WordPress CMS application is available on the official site wordpress.org.

Though these are two popular choices to start a blog, the confusion between BlogSpot and WordPress is that, which one is better for blogging.

So here in this blog post, I am going to give you an answer. In this WordPress vs Blogger comparison, I am going to give both the pros and cons of these two blogging platforms depending on several factors. Finally, I will give you my opinion about which one is better to start blogging.

Let’s see the comparison between these two blogging platforms considering some important factors:


Controlling blog

`Blogger is an amazing service for blogging. But it has very limited tools and allows only a few specific tasks. The functionality and freedom with BlogSpot are very limited and you can’t extend it. There will no full control of you on your blogging platform if you are going to start your blog from blogger.

On the other hand, if you start your blog on self-hosted WordPress, then you have the full control on your site. WordPress is an open source software and also it has thousands of free plugins. That means, you can access all the code, you can extend the functionality of your WordPress blog using plugins.

So if we go through the controlling power than WordPress wins.


Themes and Templates

WordPress has a wide range of free and pro themes which contains the options panel. Also, you can create your own theme and modify the existing theme. There are a huge number of WordPress developer available to create themes.

On the other hand, there is a very limited number of templates Blogger provides. You can change the color, layout of Blogger templates using the built-in tools, but you can not create your own theme and it is also not easy to modify a template. Though few non-official providers provide Blogger templates, those are very low quality.

So if you want quality themes or template and want to access thousands of premium themes then WordPress is better.


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Blog Ownership

Though Google provides Blogger service to start your blog in free of cost with some easy process, still you are not the owner of your Blogger blog.

Here Google runs the service and they have full rights to shut down your blog on their Blogspot service. For example, Dennis Cooper’s blog was running on Blogger for 10 years and suddenly Google has deleted his blog. I have got this information from a popular blog. now, think, how it will be like if the work for several years deleted suddenly. Even Dennis Cooper was also not able to find those content.

On the other hand, if you are running your blog on WordPress on a hosting provider, then you are the owner of your blog. You will own all of your website data and source code.

So in this case also, WordPress is the better choice.



As Blogger is a Google service, so it comes with the robust security of Google. With Blogger, you don’t have to think about the security of your blog. Google will be always there and take care of your blog and data. You don’t have to waste time for configuring and managing the server.

But for WordPress, you are responsible for the security of your blog. Though WordPress is quite secure, as it is self-hosted, so you have to take care during migration and you should take backups regularly.

So, when we count the secure, then Blogger come in the first choice.


Community support

WordPress has very active and huge community support which can help you in many ways. The chances of getting help from the WordPress community is higher as there are a huge amount of community member, WordPress plugins and theme developers are available.

But on the other hand, Blogger has very limited community support and basic documentation which is far backward than WordPress.


Future of your blog

If you are thinking about the future of your blog than it is better to choose WordPress. I have already mentioned about Dennis Cooper whose blog was on Google’s blogger for 10 years. But suddenly it was deleted by Google without any warning.

So if you want to keep the future of your blog secure, then it is better to go with WordPress. As WordPress is an open source content management software, so it’s future is not dependent on any third party provider. You will be the owner of your WordPress blog and everything will be in your hand.



Blogger doesn’t allow you to extend your blog. You can’t add new functionality to your blog if it is running on Blogger.

On the other hand, WordPress allows you to add extra functionality, adding new features by the use of plugins. There are thousands of free and premium plugins available for your WordPress site.



In terms of simplicity, Blogger is simpler than WordPress. It is very easy to start with Blogger as there is no complicated process of installing it, no server management.

But, if you think about WordPress, then it is also simple to use, but Blogger is even simpler than WordPress.




So I have discussed some pros and cons for WordPress and Blogger depending upon several factors. Now it’s up to you to choose the one. But if you want to ask me which one I prefer, then I will always suggest you start your blog with WordPress.

If you are serious about your blogging life and you want to make blogging your future then you should go with WordPress.


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