Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress Blog Site


Here in this post, I am going to list some best rich snippets plugins for your WordPress blog so that you can get a better result from Google search engine. It improves the visibility of your post to a great extent and increases the click through rate. But first I want to introduce with Rich Snippets and what is it if you are not aware of this.

What is a Rich Snippet?

Rich snippet by gives some more extra information about the post or article of your blog site, making the user aware of the content type find out if that piece of content has the relevance to their search query or not.

Also, it makes the post stand out visually with some incorporated markups which help to increase the click through rate for those posts and increase the search traffic for your blog.

Let’s have a looks at the picture below:


You can see those star ratings inside the search result. This is called rich snippets. now you have already an idea about rich snippets after you see the picture.

How to enable Rich Snippets for your blog site?

So how to enable rich snippets on your blog website for posts? Well, this process is really so easy as there are some rich snippets plugins for WordPress is already available. Here is a list of some rich snippets plugins:

Rich snippets plugins:

All In One Rich Snippets:

This is a popular rich snippets plugin for WordPress and lots of types available like Item Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, and Software Application.


After installing this plugin, you will get a new option in the admin area called Rich Snippets where you can customize the plugin for further use. Also, you can configure each post of your blog during creating a new post or you can edit it and add the rich snippets for existing post.

Add Schema Structured Markup for Better WordPress SEO:


This is one of the best premium rich snippets plugins for WordPress. Once your content is marked up, your website will be more meaningful and accessible by search engines, your pages will be indexed and ranked more relevantly to its search queries using this plugin. It will enhance the search experience for your blog posts and you will get more traffic for your website. This plugin is also easy to setup.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin:

  1. Set up your own rich snippets code or just edit the pre-installed ones
  2. Define the HTML-Markup that you need for the microdata (note that no PHP programming skills are needed but PHP can be used if you want to do some special things)
  3. Save your settings and use the generated shortcode in your posts, pages or custom post types.


Rich Contact Widget:

A simple contact widget enhanced with microdata & microformats tags for your local SEO.

kk Star Ratings:

kk Star Ratings allows blog visitors to involve and interact more effectively with your website by rating posts. Users can rate your blog posts with star and it will be visible on search engines


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