Should You Buy Traffic For Your Blog Site?

Buy Traffic For Blog

Are you struggling a lots to get traffic for your blog site like most of the newbies bloggers? Are you now thinking to buy traffic for your blog? If you are thinking to buy traffic for your blog then several things you should take in mind. Because in most of the time buying traffic from non reputed and cheap sources may harm your blog and it also can harm your Adsense earning.

If you ask me the question if you should buy traffic for your blog or not, then I will say that there is nothing wrong to buying traffic for blog if the traffic are legal and does not have bad effect on SEO and Adsense. Personally I don’t trust those cheap sources who provide lots of traffic for a cheap price.

So should I buy traffic for your blog?

I never against buying traffic for blog, but I always recommend not to buy cheap traffic from some non reputed sources. These types of traffic may harm on your organic search traffic, Google rank, may be the reason for block from Adsense and a lots. Sometimes, you can see a temporary improvement but then you will feel something wrong if you buy traffic from these cheap sources. you can see a sudden drop in organic search traffic also. So always spend some extra money and buy traffic from reputed and legal sources which provide you legal traffic where users visit your blog naturally.

From where I should buy traffic?

Personally I have also bought a lots of traffic. All the sources are reputed. Here are the list from where I have bought traffic:

  1. Facebook Advertising: Facebook is a great sources of buying traffic and you can get targeted traffic by people’s interest. So it is a great choice to buy traffic from Facebook. Facebook is currently one of the top advertising platform for advertisers to get traffic or advertising their products.
  2. Twitter Ads: Twitter ads is also a nice choice for advertising by choosing peoples interest, location, device and lots of more like Facebook. Many top brands of the world use twitter to promote their products and to get traffic on their websites.
  3. Reddit Advertising: You can get huge amount of traffic from Reddit by people’s interest basis. You can advertise with targeting based on Sub-Reddit which is a fantastic way of advertising. I recommend you to take some time to understand Reddit before you advertise so that you can get a lots of benifit.
  4. Google Adwords: I like Google Adwords very much and I am still using it for promoting my posts. You can choose the keywords and when peoples search by keywords then your ad may appeared on Google search engine. Obviously you can advertise by location base and can choose country, city, devices where your ad will be visible.

Well I have used these four types of sources to advertise several times to promote my blog posts and my experience was really good. These will never harm your Google ranking and Adsense revenue. So you can also buy traffic from these four sources. These are 100% Adsense and SEO friendly traffic.

If you have bought traffic from any other of trusted sources then you can also write it in comment and can explain your experience.

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