Why use the contact form instead of email address on the website?

The contact page is one of the most important pages for a website or for a self-hosted blog. This is a way of communicating with you for the visitors or users of your site. Obviously, you should find a way to let users send messages to you for any purpose.

Well, there are lots of bloggers and website owners who are in a conflict by thinking about that what should be on the contact page? They think if they should use the contact form or a contact email (it includes an email link) or both on the contact page. Also, you can see on some websites that contact email showing on every page on the footer section of the web page. So I have decided to solve your problem by giving the appropriate answer with appropriate reasons.

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If you ask me what is the good choice then I will always suggest you use only the contact form on the contact page. But I don’t think my answer will satisfy you if I will not give you the reasons behind my answer.

Well, there are lots of reasons for using a contact form instead of showing email or mailto link. Now I am going to tell you these reasons.

Reasons for using contact form instead of using email address

Here are the reasons why you should use the contact form instead of contact email:

It let visitors contact through your site

If you have just posted your email address on the contact page then the visitors need to open their email address and then they can send you the message. If they have to log in to their email address then it is an extra hassle for them. But if you use contact form then they can contact you very quickly and they don’t need to go anywhere living your site.

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Thus it is more user-friendly and easier to communicate with you. They just need to fill up the contact form and after click on the send button and you will receive the message.

Reduce spam email

Putting email address or email link on the internet increase the chances of getting more spam email. There are lots of bots and crawler are finding the email addresses on the internet to send spam emails. But if you are using a contact form instead of email address then your email address will not be visible on the web page and spam bot can not find your email but users can contact you through the contact form on your website or blog. They can send you the message using the form on your site.

Easier and quick process to users

Often contact form may be easier for the browser’s form auto-fill feature. Also, it takes less time to fill up and send contact message using contact form then opening, enter your email address and send. Using contact form is simple, straightforward, and it’s less clunky than shifting to an email client and then coming back to your site again. And in my real experience, I have found that many internet users prefer a contact form rather than sending an email to an email address.

You can get required information

If you want to get some required information then it is obviously better to use the contact form. On the form, you can create a required field and don’t allow submitting the form if the field is empty. If the user contact with you using your email address then the user may not provide the required information. So in that sense, it is better to use the contact form instead of adding an email address on the contact form.

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Make your website professional and valuable

If your website or blog has a contact form on the contact page, then it will be more professional and valuable to users. Also, having contact form can give your page nice looks. Nicely designed contact form give your page more professional looks. A publicly visible email address reveals that you either don’t know how to display a contact form, or simply don’t care. So it will decrease the value of your overall website or blog if you use email address instead of a contact form.

Send copy of contact message to your team

You can easily send a copy of contact message to your team members if you are using the contact form. You can set multiple emails in the backend of your contact form or you can let access your team members to the form messages that are stored in the database.

These are the main reasons behind of using the contact form instead of email address. I hope you have understood why you should use the contact form instead of email address on your contact page. There may be more benefit of using the contact form on contact page that I have not listed here. If you know about any other benefit that is not listed on this post, then please let me know about it. You can comment in the comment box that you can see below.

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