Ad providers for publishers that pay more than AdSense

Ad providers for publishers that pay more than AdSense

The first and easiest way of making money from blogging for most new bloggers is Google AdSense. So many bloggers are using AdSense for years to make money from their blog or website.

But do you know, that there are other ad providers that also exists that pay more than AdSense?

If you tried to search for AdSense alternatives, then you will find lots of resources on the internet where almost all are saying that no one can pay more than AdSense. According to those resources, all the other ad providers pay less than AdSense.

On various online resources, you will find, Infolinks, Adsterra and few other ad networks. Well, they all pay less than AdSense. On those online resources, they claim that no one can compete with AdSense income.

Well, in one sense it is right if you try to compete only with ad networks. Google AdSense,, Infolinks these are ad networks. But there are other types of ad providers that are known as the ad manager. There are ad managers available who pay a higher amount of money to bloggers.

So, if you ask me what are the ad providers can help you to earn more, then here are the list of ad providers I am going to list.


List of ad providers to earn more than AdSense

Below is the list that contains some great ad providers that can help you to get more income than AdSense:


With Valueimpression, your earnings can be 5 to 7 times more than AdSense income. The minimum traffic requirement to become a part of this ad provider, your blog should have at least 100000 monthly traffic. So, after you reach this minimum amount of traffic, you can apply for this ad provider.

Valueimpression is a partner with some of the largest ad providers in the world. They always try to optimize and increase ad revenue as much as possible. Well, with this ad provider, you will get paid for impressions.

After you get approved by Valueimpression, it needs some time to be perfectly optimized and maximizes the revenue.



MonetizeMore is a great choice as it is already a certified ad partner of Google. If your blog is making more than $1000 from the existing ad network, you can apply for MonetizeMore to make even more revenue from your blog or website. This ad publishing partner has got 3 awards from different fields of Google.

To get started with this ad partner, you just have to go to their website and fill out a simple form with simple details. After that they will contact you and guide you for the next steps.



AdThrive is one of the top ad manager and Google ad partner. Using AdThrive, you can earn almost 5 to 6 and even 10 times more than the AdSense.

Well, to apply for AdThrive, your website should have at least 100000 monthly visitors. Here traffic quality also matters. Also, most of the visitors should come from the United States. According to AdThrive, it needs almost 60% of US traffic.

Bloggers who using AdThrive to generate revenue from their websites have a great experience with AdThrive. According to them, AdThrive is the best ad provider and always be their first choice to monetize their blog.

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Mediavine is another ad manager for publishers. Using Mediavine also, bloggers can make more money than AdSense, but less than AdThrive.

Though the earning is less than AdThrive, still Mediavine is a good choice for many bloggers because it doesn’t need much traffic like that of AdThrive. To get approved from Mediavine, it needs 25000 monthly sessions.

The best thing about Mediavine is that it can pay almost 2.5 to4 times than AdSense which is enough to let bloggers leave AdSense and start using Mediavine ads on their blog.


Acceleration is a Google certified ad partner where bloggers who have high traffic can apply. If your website is getting a high amount of traffic, you can contact the Acceleration team. They are involved in Ad Revenue Optimization, Analytics, CMS, Mobile Site, SEM, Quality Review, Video, and Ad Manager 360 Reseller.


Another great Google certified ad partner is Yieldbird. I have already asked this ad partner about the minimum traffic requirement for a website to get approved. Surprisingly this ad provider needs a minimum threshold from programmatic revenue which is 5000 USD instead of minimum traffic amount.

The minimum threshold of $5000 means your website needs almost 6 to 7 million page views per month. Well, this requirement is quite high and it needs lots of effort to fulfill this requirement.


Well, there are some more ad providers available that can pay you more than AdSense. But all these ad providers that pay a high amount of money need a certain traffic amount. Some of them needs higher amount of traffic. So for new bloggers, it is not possible to get approved from these ad managers. So they should wait until they start getting this amount of traffic to their blogs or websites.

Another great thing about these ad managers is that they use special technique of ad revenue optimization to maximize your ad revenue.

So what are you thinking now?

If your blog has that minimum amount of traffic that required for ad providers that I have discussed, then you can stop using AdSense and apply.

According to me, if your website only has the minimum traffic for Mediavine, then you should apply. They need only 25000 monthly sessions.

AdSense should be only for those who are beginners and don’t have much traffic on their website. If there are other options available and pay much more than AdSense than why you stick with AdSense.

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