SiteGround managed WordPress hosting review in 2019

SiteGround managed WordPress hosting review

SiteGround is a hosting company since 2004 which provides hosting solutions for a lot of websites now. They provide shared hosting, VPS, Cloud and dedicated hosting services.

Well, this hosting provider also includes managed WordPress hosting. The official WordPress recommend SiteGround for WordPress based websites and blogs.

Well, at the time of writing this blog I am hosting one of my blogs on Siteground managed WordPress hosting for almost 1 year. In this time, I have also upgraded my hosting plan when I see the increase of traffic on my WP blog.

Now in this article, I am going to write my experience and point of view of WordPress site hosting on the SiteGround hosting plan with the review. I have already used their hosting for one year and also upgraded the plan during this period, so it is possible for me to write an honest review with my real experience.

My personnel experience on SiteGround for my WP blog

Before I migrate my blog to SiteGround, my blog was hosted on BlueHost India. I realize that BlueHost US and BlueHost India are not the same in quality and I was facing some problem with BlueHost India hosting. So I decided to transfer my blog to a new hosting.

I noticed that SiteGround is recommended by the official WordPress site. So I thought to try this hosting for my blog. I choose the GrowBig plan at that time and when my traffic increases, I upgraded to GoGeek plan.

Well, these plans I selected are shared type hosting.

There is no doubt that it was an amazing experience for me on SiteGround for my WordPress blog. I found the speed and performance are far better than BlueHost India hosting which I was using previously for my blog.

Well, for the GrowBig plan, they are saying that their soft limit of the number of monthly visits is 25000. Well, I didn’t find any problem even when my traffic reaches to 75000.

The limit given by them is just an estimated soft limit and most of the time they can take even more traffic.

My site was still up and running with no issue. But after it reaches to almost 80k monthly visits, I found some time the page loading speed down and also found downtime. So I upgrade my hosting plan and all these issues were solved.

Well, it was normal to me as SiteGround was able for me to take almost 3 times more traffic than they mentioned. This is because my site doesn’t have much load. I have some special techniques to minimize the load on the server.

Also, read:


At the time of writing this article, that blog is still hosted on SiteGround GoGeek plan. Well, if my traffic increases further and the plan will unable to handle the traffic, I can further upgrade it.

But after I upgrading my hosting from GoGeek, my site will be no more on shared hosting plan. If I upgrade my WordPress hosting on SiteGround, then my site will be on their cloud hosting which is capable of taking the load of more traffic.

Well, now I am going to discuss some important features of their hosting for a WP blog.

SiteGround managed WordPress hosting review and features

The features and review I am going to tell you about SiteGround for a WordPress site are based on my personnel experience and thinking that I faced during the one yearof my site on SiteGround. So it is going to be an honest review.

Speed and Performance

If you compare the SiteGround shared hosting plan with other shared hosting providers than I can say with no doubt, that SiteGround is the fastest shared hosting provider. I have already used a number of shared hosting providers, but no one can beat SiteGround shared hosting for WordPress.

The uptime of SiteGround is also best among all the shared hosting providers. They also say that their uptime guarantee is 99.99%. I realize after 1 year of using their service that what are they saying is absolutely true.


Their customer support is available 24×7. I love their amazing support system. Whenever I asked them for support, they always helped me out. They are always available online.

For example, they migrated my website, they helped to transfer my site to the upgraded server after I upgrade to the GoGeek plan. They are always available in live chat support. I always found a SiteGround team member whenever I need help through live chat support.


Security is always an important factor for any type of website and blog. It shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

SiteGround team also knows how important is security. So SiteGround has configured its hosting to give your site the highest protection.

The security of their hosting for your WordPress blog has come both from the server-side as well as the application side. Also, they automatically update your instances and their plugins to the latest version and patch against common WordPress-related exploits through their server firewall to enhance the security.

Complete WordPress site transfer

There is SiteGround migrator plugin available which can help you to transfer your WordPress hosting from other hosting to SiteGround just within a few clicks. Also, for GrowBig and GoGeek plans, their technical assistance will migrate your WordPress site to their hosting for you for free of cost.


Well, it may be strange for many of you, but for the last 1 year, I never see my website close. I only found some uptime issues for traffic overload which is quite normal. Well, that issue was fixed after I upgraded my hosting from GrowBig to GoGeek.

Free SSL

SiteGround provides a free Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates SSL certificate issued from Let’s Encrypt. The standard SSL is always pre-installed with your site for your convenience.

Daily backups of your site

The SiteGround system backup your site every day and keep the last 30 copies of your site. From the copies, you can choose and click any one of the copies to restore your site at that moment.

Also, if you want, then you can create instant backups of your site with just one click.

The backup feature is always important for any type of site. If there is something wrong that happened accidentally, then the backup feature is the only way to restore your site.

30 days money-back guarantee

They provide a full moneyback guarantee for all of their shared hosting plans. Also, their cloud, VPS and dedicated hosting service have a 15 days refund policy. Well, it gives you a chance to try their hosting without any risk.

Amazingly, I didn’t have to request for money back because I was completely satisfied with their hosting server performance and uptime.


Well, I have just listed some of the important features of their WordPress hosting. Well, you can visit the official SiteGround WordPress hosting web page to learn more about them. I hope, this article helps you to understand SiteGround manage WordPress hosting.

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