Recommended WooCommerce Hosting To Strat eCommerce

By F.A Mollick

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There are lots of hosting provider available today and choosing the right one for you is difficult as there are so many hosting providers. But also you have so many options to choose the right one. In this post I am going to list some recommended hosting provider for WooCommerce  to start a online eCommerce website. A good website hosting provider always should have faster server response time and loading speed.

WooCommerce is a plugin for the popular blog CMS WordPress to build a full feature online eCommerce website. With WooCommerce both physical and digital downloadable products can be sell. As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, so actually you need a WordPress hosting provider. Some hosting provider install WooCommerce with WordPress with one click.

Here I have listed three recommended WooCommerce hosting providers which give you high quality performance and speed:

Recommended WooCommerce hosting


Flywheel is a nice WordPress hosting with faster loading speed. It also support WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. When Flywheel hosting provider asked about their WooCommerce support then see what the answer given by one of the team member of WooCommerce:

“We do support WooCommerce! You can simply submit a ticket to support and we can exclude whatever pages you’d like from the cache. We cache mobile and desktops separately, and could work with you for your specific case. If you have more specific questions, shoot us a note at [email protected] and we’d be happy to work through things with you!”

Obviously your WooCommerce site will be more faster by getting help from Flywheel experts.


Cloudways one click WooCommerce install:

Cloudways is a cloud hosting provider and it allows to install popular applications with one click. Cloudways allows you to install WooCommerce just through one click. Cloudways Super-Fast Processors give your site faster server response time and faster page loading speed.



Pressable is a Fast, Scalable, and Secure Hosting for WooCommerce websites.
Pressable delivers fast, scalable and secure hosting for retailers running on WooCommerce. Their platform helps to be ensure that your site rank will be high on search engines, that you’ll offer an online shopping experience that converts and that you’ll remain open for business during peak shopping periods.


Kinsta WooCommerce hosting:

Kinsta is a costly hosting provider using Google cloud for hosting WordPress and has the special hosting for WooCommerce site. Though it is costly but provide you super fast WooCommerce site and also can handle large amount of traffic. So you can migrate your existing WooCommerce website on Kinsta Google cloud if your site getting lots of traffic. Kinsta will always keep your site up and running with millions of visitors each month. there support system also good and there average response time is only 8 minutes.


There are more good WooCommerce hosting prover available. You can also choose any good WordPress hosting provider which allow you to use WooCommerce plugin with WordPress.

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  1. James Smith says:

    Yeah Cloudways is good hosting platform for WooCommerce with varnish.