Epom Apps: A worthy AdMob alternative for app monetization

Epom Apps AdMob alternative

The most natural way for app developers, who’d just released their brainchild app would be to stick to the well-trodden paths. However, as the Google’s AdMob doesn’t often fulfulls the developers’ needs in app monetization, they are starting to look for AdMob Alternative.
Here’s when Epom Apps come into the stage.

Epom Apps is free ad mediation platform with optimization team that makes your app monetization easier and more efficient. Ad mediation means that you have all-in-one account to  connect and manage multiple ad networks at once, test them and then exclude the worst- performing ones. With this Admob alternative, you won’t be limited to one ad network, you’ll have access to 40+ ad networks in a single account.

If you’re thinking of a worthy AdMob alternative, here are strong reasons to consider Epom Apps in your app monetization:

Smart ad mediation

While working with AdMob ad mediation platform, you need to integrate ad networks one by one, which takes a lot of time and efforts. Your revenue will be highly defendable from the type of ads, your top countries, fill rate, the amount of time you spend on ad mediation, etc. It’s hard to do everything right from the first attempt, right?
So you’ll probably earn much less until you’ll figure out how to do advertising right.

Epom Apps ad mediation platform connects you to the hundreds of high-paying advertisers after signing up. While monetizing your apps with Epom Apps, you get the complete mediation solution with 40 pre-integrated ad networks. Moreover, Epom experts will help you get everything done right so you could start earning a decent amount of revenue straight ahead.

Best-performing Ad Formats

Gain more income while displaying the same amount of advertisement in your app. With a smart optimization algorithm and the support of cutting-edge ad formats, an app demonstrates up to 30% higher revenue compared to the average rates across the industry.

Benefit from the best-performing ad formats including:

— Smart banner, that adjusts to the size of the screen automatically.

— Native ads, which are blended into the app UX.

— Rewarded video, top-paying ad format.

— Banners

— Interstitials

Or any other ad format customized for your app.

Fast integration and setup

Downloading the Epom Apps SDK takes less than a minute, and the process of the ad setup is also pretty quick and easy. You ‘ll get The SDK integration manual right to your inbox, just use the test keys to check if you’ve done everything right. After running a small test to ensure everything works correctly, we provide you with the live keys.

If you need some advice on ad placements, best ad formats to start with, you can reach out to your personal manager who’ll help you out with everything.
In fact, once you’ve created the account, Epom Apps team will handle most of setup-related details.

All-in-one platform

Epom Apps dashboard is a handy tool for monitoring your ad placement results on a daily basis. Benefit from the unified dashboard with real-time analytics: see your ad impressions, ad requests, fillrates, eCPMs, and overall revenue generated.

Get an aggregated weekly payouts Epom Apps from every network. With Epom Apps, you can count on timely payouts, as well as professional support from highly-qualified dedicated managers who will assist you in a wide array of tasks including account setup and inventory optimization.


Strong team of growth experts

The greatest benefit of working with Epom Apps is that they totally handle monetization by themselves. They analyze your app and its audience, give suggestions on ad formats implementation and select the best matching and highest-paying advertisers. The negotiation process with demand side is managed on their side. The company has a number of direct sales and exclusive agreements with advertisers on the audience purchase that ensures you get the highest rate for every ad impression.

AdMob usually offers only knowledge base and their support is not available 24/7.

The Epom Apps ad mediation platform is free, so you can test-drive it straight away. Moreover, Epom Apps provide data monetization opportunity, so you can consider it to double your revenue.

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