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By Karthik

 To run a business is a time consuming process. However, 24 hours a day is a common known thing for everybody. Allocation of time is considered as an important thing in business circles. Otherwise, the entire hard work and efforts that put in will goes in vain, since, the customers may land elsewhere for their services. It is to be noted that, the website is one of the crucial aspect of the business. For choosing an appropriate theme for the business is not a tedious job, after knowing what to look for. Therefore, the following presented 10 latest business wordpress themes can be chosen for the enhancement of the business:


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The Urbassy theme was exclusively developed for a construction company website. This theme is constituting with plenty of quality pages with demo content. This can be availed as a basis for the forthcoming website. By availing the visual composer plugin, the website creation process can be simplified. The website will be easy to locate by the search engines. This theme supports blog and forum features, social media widgets and live search.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/66468.html



For setting up a quick and trustworthy website for the corporation or business, the Synergeer, which is a 100% responsive corporate WordPress Theme can be availed. It is sure to say that the future website will definitely influence its visitiors. Synergeer theme, comes with a group of pre-installed plugins. This plugins are capable of expanding the functionality of the website greatly.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/synergeer-corporate-wordpress-theme-66346.html



 Innovus theme is a fresh and attractive WordPress theme, that is exclusively meant for business sites. This theme is presented by Template Monster development team. This online commerce tool can be availed in famous WooCommerce plugin, that is having a group of functions for selling the products via website. This theme is having an 100% compatibility with it. Since, Innovus adopts fine with any kind of screen resolution, it gives a great look upon any type of mobile platform. Many number of shortcodes, clean and professional design, number of positions for convenient placement of widgets, functional multi-column layout design and still many more are the prominent features and capacities.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/innovus-business-wordpress-theme-66345.html




This functional WordPress theme that is specifically designed for the industrial company websites. For conveying the content of the website to users very easily, this theme possesses an elegant, thin and conservative design and smooth colors and shapes. Fabricator is a simple theme, that is appropriate for small business houses. This theme is bound to provide anything that is required, likewise, fast response rate, spontaneous interface, an astonishing artwork and an absolute adjustable looks with blogging and social network support respectively.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/fabricator-industrial-company-66334.html




For setting up an alluring website for moving company, AccuMove the moving company responsive WordPress theme can be viewed for practical solutions. With the presentation of this highly customizable and responsive design, the website will be available throughout the world and even upon entire known devices. For finding the just the right text style for the website, the assistance can be taken from the sizable group of Google Fonts. For sharing the thoughts with the customers, there is a handy personal blog feature, that can be used. And even. The testimonials can be posted at any time required.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/accumove-moving-company-responsive-wordpress-theme-66315.html




Grand Vector, a great business and consulting WordPress Theme from TempleMonster, consists of all advantages of the premium themes and takes fully, the rewards of entire features of the WordPress. Hence, it is easy to create the own consulting and business website, that is based upon the Grand Vector. This theme is offering the different alternative methods for appearing on the website. Also, this theme looks great upon any kind of mobile platform, with its adaptive design.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/grand-vector-business-consulting-wordpress-theme-66226.html



Top Investment is a clean and modern design WordPress theme, that is perfect for a financial advisory, an accountancy, a consultancy and an insurance agency website respectively. This is even an ideal solution for a financial and investment company. A quality portfolio, a blog, a section with reviews and pages of the company employees are the merits of this theme. WooCommerce is helpful in ensuring the website for fully functioning for online payment. For creating an own design, there presents a Visual Composer. With all of these advantageous features the Top investment theme will become the trustworthy assistant.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/topinvest-investment-company-wordpress-theme-66225.html



For building up a great website for the maintenance services company, the Electron WordPress Theme is useful in creating the most prosperous website in the business. For gratifying the dedicated online visitors, an highly responsive design is offered. As a result, the website will be available through out the world and also upon entire familiar devices. For sharing a group of statements from gratified customers, it is easy to quickly set up testimonials whenever required by means of template. For posting photographs, it is easy to set up galleries.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/electron-maintenance-services-company-wordpress-theme-66180.html



Riseon is a multipurpose WordPress Theme, which is a fabulous solution to create a well respected website. This theme is capable of creating the business services, advertising agencies, consultations, marketing agencies, offices, outsourcing companies, car repairs , architectures, construction companies, auto parts and real estate websites. This theme is even providing an highly responsive design, which can be available over entire the world and upon all familiar devices.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/wordpress-theme-66323.html



For a hindrance-free theme, which is filled with various features, rich in functionality for the clinic, then BeClinic WordPress Theme is the right kind of place to focus the attention. This theme hails with an eloquent and an innovative responsive design and crossbrowser compatibility. So, therefore, the visitors can enjoy a great performance of the website, upon any latest device and in any kind of web browser. This WordPress Theme is completely filled with suitably developed numerous plugins, easy to use Live Customizer and fully user-friendly drag and drop Elementor Page Builder.


IMAGE SOURCE:https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/bedentist-wordpress-theme-58654.html




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