Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review After Using It

By F.A Mollick

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Today their are many hosting company available where you can host WordPress. The new technology of hosting now provide managed hosting which is specially available for host only for WordPress site. thus the WordPress site performance and speed really increased. In this post I am going to write a review on Flywheel .


Features of Flywheel WordPress hosting

Blazing Fast Speed:

Before starting anything about Flywheel I just want to inform you that EyeSwift also is hosting on Flywheel  WordPress hosting in the time while writing this post. Well, after knowing it I think you can guess how fast is Flywheel . And yes, Flywheel provide blazing fast WordPress hosting and if you are transfer your site on flywheel than your site can be access with lightning speed. Speed is the main reason that EyeSwift is hosted on flywheel. One thing you should always keep in mind is that speed one of the most important parameter for any site.

Free WordPress site migrate:

Flywheel will help you to migrate your website from your old hosting to Flywheel with free of cost. Flywheel also has migrated EyeSwift from Cloudways. They really did it with lots of care and I liked that.

Nightly backups:

If you start your WordPress site on Flywheel, then your site will backed up automatically every night. Their backups run every night, are stored for 30 days, and you can restore at any time.

Simple dashboard for all your sites:

The dashboard is really simple and easy to use. You can handle all of your sites from here. Nothing is complicated and you don’t need so much technical skills for maintaining all the sites. You can easily maintain your site even without so much technical skills. You can create new site through dashboard easily.


Build WordPress sites faster with a amazing features of Flywheel which called Blueprints. Save your themes and plugins as a neat, pre-installed little package and then use those themes and plugins to start other WordPress sites in future which save a lots of your time. With just few easy clicks you can create a blueprint from an existing WordPress site and then use it in future when you start a new WordPress site on Flywheel.

Hacker-free security and server level

Flywheel gives your website server level security and your website always be protected from hackers. No more worry as you will get hard to break server level security from Flywheel. Also you never have to think about installing complicated security plugins and no need of complicated coding. Flywheel will take care all of these.


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