Recommended WordPress hosting for a new blog

Web hosting is known to be one of the key components for a successful website. Selecting the best one as per the needs would certainly improve the SEO with an increase in sales. WordPress is one such Web hosting available among others. One has to choose the best WordPress hosting as far as the website is concerned. WordPress is accepted as the largest unofficial resource site which receives page views in millions per month. The importance of choosing the best web hosting company becomes relevant with more than one lakh users with several years of experience. The aim of this article is to offer deep insights on the points to be considered while choosing a WordPress hosting company.

Three most important components that are required for making it the best host are as below:

a) Pricing and the process of product offering
b) Knowledge, Reliability in terms of Support and Speed
c) Performance

Today, the best-known WordPress hosting companies the market today for the purpose of shared hosting are:

a. Site5
b. InMotion Hosting and
c. Siteground

Almost all the hosts evaluated had a very good performance but these three mentioned above are the ones one can consistently recommend to the customers who are looking for cost-effective and faster WordPress hosting.

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Managed WordPress Hosting – 5 times faster than shared


Although the minimum response time for Site5 is higher than initially assumed to be the maximum response time was much lower. Majority of the 10 minutes load testing process throughout, time taken for Site5’s server response almost stayed steady at around 750 minutes to 1 second accompanied with very few deviations.


InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting’s is patted with one of the lowest minimum response time along with the fastest maximum response time. It stood at around 600 minutes for the total test which is actually very impressive. The graph represents quite a number of ups and flats than most due to the fact that it stayed close to the median response time in the entire test. The variation between the highest and the lowest response time is approximately 388 minutes, which is regarded the best among the whole group.


SiteGround, considered to be one of the top performers and very impressive due to its cost effectiveness in the StartUp Blogging hosting tier. Although it has a few limitations but taken into consideration the average response time being roughly 700minutes for the 50 non-stop users without any real hiccups, SiteGround is of great value and comes with a consistency.


It is a very confusing world at times to navigate. This article tried to break down the offerings to three of the most prominent and comfortably used WordPress hostings in terms of different aspects mentioned above to help a new blogger chose the best WordPress hosting of 2016.

Thus apart from finding the best wordpress hosting for a new blog, the combination of low monthly fees, tempting add-ons as well as efficient server administration make it an attractive option for the new bloggers. The prices have remained categorically low for the last few years is due to the huge competition among some of the top hosting providers. It has continuously driven the functionality to reach new heights.

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  1. Mark Williams says:

    Hey Faruque,

    Thanks for the list. I saw the Cloudways advertisement at the top and was curious to see how a blog can load in just 37ms?
    I searched a bit and found their article titled as faster WordPress hosting ( and the site was loading in just 79ms.

    I’m going to try them out via your referral link. Let’s see how it goes.

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Thank you for thinking about trying CloudWays with my referral link. Well, I suggest you choose the Google cloud platform on CloudWays.

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