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If you read my blog regularly, then you can see that I have often told you that paid guest posts or sponsored posts are one of the popular ways of making money from a blog. Sponsored posts are those kinds of posts on a blog for which you will get paid from the advertisers.

Companies always looking for a blog niche where they can post articles related to their products or services. These types of articles are called paid guest posts or you can say sponsored posts.

This method of earning is now popular among bloggers. But the challenging thing is how to get sponsored posts for your blog to increase your revenue. If buyers of the sponsored posts could easily find you, then will it not help you to increase your blog revenue?

So here I am writing this blog post for you and share my experience with you.

In this article, I am going to introduce you to an amazing online platform where buyers and publishers meet. Buyers pay and publishers provide sponsored posts to them.

The network I am talking about is Adsy. Yes, from the Adsy network you can easily get guest posts that help to make you money from your blog. They make this challenging thing easy for bloggers.

Visit Adsy and get sponsored post


After I came to know about the Adsy guest posting platform, I think to give it a try. So I created my account within a few clicks and submit my website on their platform. It took only 1 day to get approval for my website. Then I set my price for articles.


How you can make money from the Adsy paid guest posting network?

Adsy allows setting different types of prices depending on the types of sponsorship. These are content placement, mini-post, article and long article.

On the Adsy platform, it is a lot easier to get sponsored posts from advertisers.

Here buyers can find you and send you a task with the content. After you place the content you can let the buyer know about it. After the approval of the buyer, the balance will be credited to your Adsy account.

The minimum balance to withdraw is $60. After your balance reaches $60 or more, you can withdraw the fund. The payout method is Paypal and it takes only a few days to send the money to your Paypal account.

Well, for this platform, your website or blog should maintain quality and should have sufficient traffic. Though the Adsy team has not mentioned the exact traffic required for the blog. I think this is because the traffic requirement varies to the niche of the website.

Also, your blog should not have annoying advertising like pop-ups, pop-unders, click-unders, and spammy links.


Why Adsy is a better place for getting sponsored posts on your blog?

Before I tell you why Adsy is better let me mention what I was doing earlier to find a sponsored post.

When I didn’t hear about such a platform similar to Adsy, I go and visit websites that have products or services related to my blog niche and contact them from the contact page of their websites and let them know about my sponsored post proposal to promote their product or services on my blog.

It took a lot of time but the result was not enough. Hardly someone replies to me back. Even it was not easier also for the buyers to find my website.

But after I join on Adsy network, here I don’t have to waste time to find buyer, buyers themself find and request me for sponsorship on my blog.

Also, buyers can list their sponsorship tasks and bloggers like us can bid on those tasks.

In a nutshell, Adsy is a perfect place where buyers and sellers can meet together to buy and sell sponsored posts.

On this platform, you have 100% control over sponsored content, you can reject if you don’t like a sponsored post.

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Well, I am active on Adsy, and I can realize that how time-saving this platform is for bloggers who would like to make money by publishing a guest post on their blog. So of course, I recommend you and every blogger to give Adsy a try. I hope it will help you to generate more revenue from your blog.


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