Which comments should you not approve on your blog site?

The comments on a blogging site are really nice way to see how your blog is becoming popular to your audience, what they think about your blog, what to do to improve it, to rank better on search engines and much more. Always remember that the comments of your blog represent your personality. So obviously, you should moderate the comments in the right way.

Obviously, you should not approve all the comments you get from users on your blog posts to maintain the quality and personality of your blog. In this blog post, I am going to tell you which types of comments you should never approve.

The search engine also takes blog comments as the part of the article. So obviously, if the comments are of low quality then it will affect your overall site.

Comments types that you should not approve on your blog

Here are some types of comments that you should not approve:

Spam Comments

The comments which contain unnecessary or irrelevant links are obviously can be considered as a spam comment. You should not approve any spam comments.

If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog then you can use Akismet plugin to remove spam comments easily.

Several times you may find users whose name are not human like. For example, you may find the name of the comment writer like “SEO tool”, “Best SEO tips”, “Get YouTube Fans” and so on. You never should accept those comments and it should immediately remove.

Sometimes spam comments are the big problem. In many cases, spammers use software that generates comments with backlinks leading back to their spammy site. So you should keep protection to fight against these types of comments.

In my case, I am using WP reCaptcha Integration plugin for my WordPress blog and I suggest you use Akismet plugin also.

Also, you will find that if users add URL in text format then it become an auto-linking URL for a WordPress blog. To remove the auto-linking of comments here is a nice method that I have done for my WordPress site – Disable Auto Links of URLs In WordPress Comments.

Meaningless and short comments

Always keep in mind that the comments on your blog should have some value for your blog. You may find quick comments from your loyal readers like “Thank you for your post”, “Nice article” etc.These types of comments may look and feel good, but it doesn’t have any value for your blog.

These types of comments may look and feel good, but it doesn’t have any value for your blog.

But obviously, you should accept these types of comments which have a social acknowledgment for a problem-solving article type – “This article solved my problem, thanks”, “Your idea worked and fix my problem”. So in these case, you should accept short comments also.

And if you find some comments that are not clear and meaningful then you should not accept it.

Irrelevant comments

Comments that are irrelevant or asking for irrelevant help and does not match with your article should not be approved. At least I don’t prefer to approve these types of comment and suggest you the same thing I do.

Every piece of your blog should be relevant and meaningful. Don’t lose that by accepting irrelevant comments.

Sometimes bots are used to generate continues irreverent comments. In these case, WP reCaptcha Integration plugin and Akismet plugin for a WordPress site can be so helpful.

Correct grammatical mistakes

Instead of removing comments that contain grammatical mistakes it is better to correct them. Thus you will not lose nice comments by your readers just for grammatical mistakes. And also mistakes in grammar is not a big problem to worry about.

You will find grammatical mistakes in comments several times. Well, you should not worry too much about grammatical mistakes as it does not effect so much on a blog, but still, I correct these mistakes and also suggest you do that.

Like the blog article quality, I think that your comments quality also should be of high-quality to rank better on search engines. Remember that, comments are also the part of your blog. Sometimes peoples come to your site from search engines and a particular comment may be responsible for this.

These are the main information that I have written in this article. if you have any other suggestion or tips then you can also let me know. Also, if you think this article useful then share it with your other blogger’s friends.

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