Why do you need to market your WordPress plugin?

Selling WordPress plugin is an amazing business. You will find WordPress plugin developers who become a millionaire by selling their WordPress plugins.

A million dollar plugin marketer develop a plugin which is really so useful for WordPress users. Now if you want to sell your WordPress plugin then the plugin must be useful and no plugin should be available in free on the WordPress plugin directory that fulfilled the requirement of your plugin. Your plugin should be really fantastic with feature-rich so that it will make a good sale.

But, the question comes, does the useful features and feature-rich property is only responsible for a WordPress plugin which makes the huge sales?

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Well, the decision you take what type of plugin you should develop before you start work also the part of marketing. You have to understand the need of peoples and according to this, you have to develop your plugin.

Well, there are lots of WordPress plugin developers with great skills and knowledge in coding already exist in this world. But most of them not able to make a plugin which gives them a huge earning opportunity. So what is the reason behind it? Why are they not able to earn as expected from their plugin?

I also believe that they have skills and they are good plugin developers with great coding skills. But the reason I think for their failures is the lack of their marketing knowledge. To make the good sale of a plugin only making the plugin featured-rich and useful not enough.

Now suppose, you have developed a WordPress plugin which is really so great and peoples will like it. But what happened if it does not reach to the peoples? What happened if no one doesn’t know about your plugin?

What is marketing?

This is so important to let peoples know about your plugin. Somehow you have to spread about your plugin to the world. This part is the part of marketing. In simply, marketing is the part of spreading about a product to the world and letting peoples aware of the product.

In plugin marketing, you don’t have to reach all the peoples all over the world. You have to make those peoples aware of your plugins who are using WordPress. Here, you need to target a specific type of audience.

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Actually, marketing refers to broad term. It is a management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. In case of the market in WordPress plugin, you have to focus completely on digital marketing or online marketing which includes SEO, promoting on social media, promote on the blog etc.

Why do you need to market for your WordPress plugin?

From the above content, you have some sense about the need of marketing for your WordPress plugin if you want to make a good sale of any one of your plugin.

The main reason you need to market your plugin is to let peoples know about your plugin. Here peoples mostly refer to the targeted audience which is most effective and help you make the profit.

Below are some reasons why marketing is necessary to sell your WordPress plugin:

  • By applying the proper marketing strategies you can make peoples aware of your plugin.
  • You can make more sale of your plugin.
  • Marketing detects the peoples need and according to this the type of plugin developed which increase the sale of the plugin.
  • Marketing in plugin selling business helps you to find out what makes your plugin unique.
  • The market in plugin gives you the control of your plugin selling online business.

Some marketing strategies to sell WordPress plugin:

Below are some of the marketing strategies that can help you in selling your WordPress plugins:

  • You can publish your WordPress plugin to Codecanyon which is already established company. their brand will help your product to make the sale more.
  • You can start your own website to sell your WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO, WooCommerce are some of the plugins that sell their extensions on their own website. You can easily sell your WordPress plugin by using Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin.
  • Write blog regularly because it will help to rank your website and attract more visitors from search engines which will help you make more sale.
  • Properly optimized the SEO. You can use Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to properly rank on search engines.
  • Promote your products on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can target the specific audience on social media by investing money. Yes, it will be better if you invest a little amount for social media promoting.
  • Like lots of other WordPress plugin publisher, you can also advertise on Google search network which is so effective way of selling your plugin.
  • Maintain regular blog writing to improving more on search ranking. Tips and Tricks, a WordPress plugin selling company also write on the blog regularly on their plugin selling website. Always write a blog in the niche that matches with the plugin types that you want to sell on your website.
  • You can sell products on your site and also on Codecanyon. But selling on Codecanyone doesn’t mean that you don’t need to have your own website. It will increase your sell more if you start your own blogging site that’s all about your plugins and link it with your plugin page on Codecanyon page. For example, you can take Avada theme that is available on Themeforest, but the theme developers also have their own site where they get huge traffic and from their website, users can buy it from Themeforest by clicking the link on their website which is linked to ThemeForest.

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The strategies I discussed above are in brief. From the above content, I want to attract your notice towards selling plugin on your own website.

I hope, from this article you have got knowledge about the need to market for selling WordPress plugin or why this is so important to sell your WordPress plugin.

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