How I Earned $938 in One Month From My Blog

How I Earned $938 in One Month From My Blog

Making money from blogging is no more secret to bloggers after we see lots of bloggers make their bread and butter. When I was new in the blogging industry, I was also dreaming to make my blog website as the main source of income. I spent lots of time doing hard work for my blogging and one day I was able to see that success is coming to closer. I realized it when I made $938 from my computer programming and tutorial blog.

$938 may not be much amount for many, but for me, it was a happy moment. It gives me the courage to work harder to get success so that one day I can be also one of the top bloggers.

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What I did to make $938?

I know, that you also want to know how I earned my $938 in just one month from my blog. Don’t worry, this article is exactly focusing to let you know what I did and how I made that amount of money from my blog.

Always remember that success doesn’t come in one day or there are no short cut methods to follow. If you start a blog site, then it is not going to generate income immediately. In my case also, the same thing happened.

After I start my educational blog I continue writing on my blog for two years without making any income from my blog. Well, I was not alone. My brother also with me and we together run the blog.

I know, that it takes a lot of patience to run a blog for two years without any income. Luckily, we didn’t lose our patience and continue our work.

Started AdSense

After two years of running our blog, we decided to apply AdSense to make money from our blog. Our blog was approved by AdSense. The income from AdSense was not much as at that time our traffic was low.

But gradually, we can see the increase in the traffic of our blog. We can see the organic search traffic increasing every day. So we were able to see increasing our revenue in AdSense. But that was not enough even though our traffic reaches more than 3000 each day. With that amount of traffic, we were hardly making $100 in a month.

Write helpful tutorials and articles

I believe that if my audience gets help from my blog articles then I will able to increase my organic traffic. After two years of my blog, I decided to publish at least 5 blog posts in a day. I did exactly what I decide. Every day my blog was getting more than 5 posts. Even I can remember that there were some days when almost 10 new posts were added to my blog.

In this way, new indexes for my blog were added often to Google. Thus Google also recognizes my blog as a good one and sends me lots of organic traffic.

Though many of the successful bloggers say that each blog article should be lengthy and should have at least 500 or 1000 words, in my case, the average length of my blog posts is only from 300 to 350 words.

Actually, my blog is a programming and tutorial type blog and there is no scop to write unnecessary lengthy content. My audiences don’t like unnecessary content to increase the length of the article. They always prefer short and to the point answer. So articles with short length actually helped my blog loved by thousands of peoples.

Apply to Valueimpression Ad manager

Day by day, we see our traffic increases continue. Almost every week we can see the increase in traffic. I was able to see a slight increase in AdSense earning also.

I was always thinking that AdSense is the highest paying ad network. But I was wrong. Suddenly my brother told me about Valueimpression. Valueimpression is an ad manager for publishers that pays you for each impression to their ad.

We gave a try to Valueimpression and we were really shocked after we see that we earned almost 5 times more than Adsense.

Earned $938 from Valueimpression in one month

After we just started monetizing my blog from Valueimpression, next month I was able to earn $938. And yes, it was Valueimpression from where I am able to earn the most. As their name suggests, they really give value to every impression of their ad on my blog.

After Valueimpression approved my site, they provide me the ads.txt and some ad code tag of several ads size. I placed that in the places where I think as the best. After that, I had to wait for almost one month to wait for revenue optimization. In the next month, the total revenue I reach to $938 for which I am talking about.

Now you may like to know the number of pageviews in that month. Without the pageviews, there is no meaning of an earning report from a blog. So the page views I got in that month was 120k in that month.

I hope, now you have the idea of how much I earn from Valueimpression comparing to the pageviews.


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