Mediavine Review for Publishers with Pros and Cons

Mediavine Review for Publishers

Monetization plays an important role for many of the bloggers to make money from their blog. There are a number of Ad networks available to make money from their blog. AdSense is the most popular Ad network provided by Google to earn from a blog. But here I am not going to discuss any kind of Ad network. In this article, I am going to give a review for Mediavine by taking the side of publishers.

Mediavine is a Google certified publishing partner. It is actually not an ad network like AdSense or It is an ad operation partner. It is an ad management platform that boosts ad revenue for publishers. This ad partner works directly work with ad exchanges. You will be amazed after knowing that Hollywood Gossip, TV Fanatic and Food Fanatic are operated by Mediavine.

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To check out if monetizing your blog with this ad partner company is suitable for you or not please keep reading this review…

Mediavine review and earnings for publishers

Now I am going to pick some important factors of Mediavine and review it. So let’s go…


It is always better to start with positive factors. So below are some of the factors about Mediavine that I love:


Who doesn’t love money? Well, this is the primary reason for most of the bloggers and even for me. So I hope, you also eager to know how much money you can earn from Mediavine as a publisher. So I am here to give you an idea about the earning amount of Mediavine publishing partner.

After I get to know the earning report from several bloggers who use Mediavine I am pretty sure that the income will be higher than AdSense. There is no exact figure for earning from Mediavine. But if you are using AdSense or you ever use AdSense, then comparing it with AdSense will make sense to you.

I have found some bloggers who switch from AdSense to Mediavine. I am so happy to tell you that the income increases significantly after using Mediavine. The earning become at least 3 times more than that of the AdSense after using Mediavine. Even some of the publishers found there earning is 5 to 6 times more than AdSense.

So, it is clear that Mediavine is a great choice for publishers over AdSense in the sense of earning.

Although, the earning vary with several factors. Some of the factors are blog niche, time of the year, ad position, strategy and so on.

Ad Quality

User experience is always important for any kind of blog. I have found that the ads through Mediavine are relevant and of good quality. Their ads load at a faster speed as they have direct partnerships with their partners. Another great thing I like is that they has ads lazy-loading feature to give the best possible user experience as well as improvement in revenue.


One of the nice things that I love about Mediavine is that everything here is transparent and there is nothing hidden secret is there. For this reason, Mediavine looks like a trusted ad partner for publishers. You can see everything from your earning to CPM on your dashboard clearly.

You will also be able to see how your ads performing and understand how you can improve your earning easily. The advanced reporting system will let you know which ads are performing well and which are not. You can turn on or turn off any ads. All these make it user-friendly and easy to control ads.

Payment options

Mediavine has multiple payment options to withdraw your money. Below are the payment options provided by them:

  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer for the U.S
  • International wire transfer
  • Domestic ACH
  • International ACH
  • Paper check

Traffic Requirements

Mediavine, will not see the number of pageviews as the requirement. It actually sees the number of monthly sessions for a website because it does make sense to them. The minimum monthly sessions required to get approved from Mediavine is 50000. Sessions and pageviews will not same in amount but still, they will be close to each other.

Previously it requirement of the session was just 25000, but now Mediavine changes it and makes it a minimum 50000 sessions required.

Now, many of the new bloggers think it is harder for them, but I see it as an advantage. This is because some of the other great ad publishing partners need even more traffic. For example, AdThrive, Valueimpression requires at least 100000 monthly pageviews. If we compare it with Mediavine, then we can see that it is quite easier for Mediavine.

The revenue model is CPM

The revenue model of this ad management service is based on CPM. That means you will be paid for impressions. Here your website visitors don’t need to click on ads. You will get paid whenever they view ads on your website. So it will be much easier to make revenue as viewing ads is easier than clicking on ads.


Though Mediavine is one of the best ad partners for publishers, still there are some disadvantages I am able to recognize. It is my duty to let you know also some of the important cons that I have found in Mediavine. So below are some of the cons of Mediavine network:

Limitations in reporting

From many Mediavine users, I have learned that their reporting system has some limitations. In the case of Google AdSense, you will able to see a lot. For example, you can see the performance of each advertising, performance of the pages of your website. But Mediavine doesn’t show this reporting.

Branding at the bottom of the ad

Many of the Mediavine users don’t like the branding of Mediavine that can be sown at the bottom of each ad. Well, I personally don’t have any problem with those branding. Their ad loads so faster and smoothly. Also, they deserve it as they provide us a great service. But still, some of the users feel it disturbing.

Adsense disabled sites are not allowed

The sad thing about Mediavine is that, if your site is disabled on AdSense, then Mediavine will not accept you to use their ad. So there is no chance to join Mediavine for them.

More than 5 ad units

They utilize 5 standard ad placements. You have to keep these during your 90 day onboarding period. It will give extra loads who are willing to show less than 5 ads on their blog or website.



If you have more than 50000 sessions per month and have an AdSense account then go and start with Mediavine. If you value load time and also want to monetize with ad network then Mediavine can be a perfect choice because only those ads that called will be loaded.

Well, you have read my Mediavine review for publishers in this article, so it is up to you if you like to choose it or go for other types of ad networks. Choose the one which best suits you and your website.

If you already had work or still working as a Mediavine publisher then please share your experience.

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