How To Recover Your Site From Google Panda Penalty?

Google Panda update may be a headache for many bloggers and webmasters, but it help to remove the low quality of contents from Google search results and overall it help to improve the search results. The aim of Google Panda update is to provide users better experience by providing good quality of contents which are useful to peoples.

But there are lots of good websites lost their search engine ranking and thus the amount of search traffic also decreased due to the Panda penalty. If you are one of those bloggers who have lost search traffic for latest update in Google Panda algorithm then here I am going to tell you how to recover your site from Google Panda penalty.

There are lots of bloggers who have seen sudden increase or sudden drop in search traffic for latest Panda update of Google. You will be really so happy when you see sudden increase in organic search traffic. but what you have to do when you see a sudden traffic drop for Google Panda update? What you have to do if your site penalized by Panda update?

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Well Google Panda effect is a domain level penalty. So even a few numbers of bad and low quality of content or posts can effect your overall blog site. Before I am going to tell you how to recover your site from Google Panda effect you have to know for what kind of websites have the chance to get affected by Google panda:

  • Website with low quality contents
  • Website that work as content farm
  • Website having duplicate content
  • Website which has useless pages index in Google
  • Black hate SEO
  • Slow loading time
  • Poor quality of grammar
  • Too many advertisements

There are lots of other types of factors for Google Panda penalty, but these are those reasons which needs immediate action.

Well, how you can identify if your blog penalized by Google Panda or not? Here is one of my post which tells you how you can know if your site or blog is under Panda effect or not – How To Know If Your Site penalized By Google panda?

Steps that you should take to recover your site from Google Panda update:

Write quality content:

I have always told you to write quality content several times and I know that you have tired of listening this. here quality post refers to also a post with targeted keywords. A quality post written without targeted keywords is almost useless. Always write posts with full length and keep in mind that the post should be useful for readers and it can help them by providing useful information. Google really love quality content with sufficient length. When you write an article with details and with sufficient length then you cover more keywords.

Remove low quality contents from blog site:

To get rid of from Google Panda attack you can remove all the low quality contents or all the blog posts which are low quality. Here low quality blog post may be a blog post which is written in very short length with very few words, less details or not so much helpful for peoples. Also in the past you might have written posts that are very bad as you was a newbies. So you can remove those posts just like I did. I removed all the posts from EyeSwift that I wrote when I was a starter.

Remove duplicate content:

Google always take duplicate content very seriously. If you has duplicate content from any other external site then you should remove it. Google may penalize your site for plagiarism. Even if you have two or more than two similar post on your own site then also you have to remove others and you should keep only one. Even you should not write a post that is closer to an existing post that you already have written on your blog.

Too many duplicate content on your blog site will must affect your site and you will receive less search traffic. So always remove duplicate content on your site. Also you should use URL canonicalization for each pasge of your site.

noindex tag and category pages:

There are many post can be exist on several tag and category pages and thus there will be duplicate content on tag and category pages. You may find some tag pages with only one post and thus the page is very short in length which make it low quality page. So it is better to noindex all the tag and category pages to remove all the low quality pages and keep only contents with quality on Google index. Here you can read the proper way of noindex tag and category pages in this post.

Give attention to external links:

If you are selling link or write paid reviews then always keep in mind that if those external sites are bad links then your site has to suffer. Never sell links for money. You have to stop it. If you really need to add external links which is related to your post then always use nofollow attributes. Always keep in mind that using too many external links will harm in your site’s ranking. This is also apply to affiliate links.

Too many ads:

Using too many ads with less original content will effect your site and you will receive less search traffic on your site. If you are already using too many ads to earn money from your blog or you are running an affiliate blog with less original content then fix it.

Put reconsideration request after you have made changes?

If your site affected by Google Panda update and you have already made the necessary changes on your blog then you can request reconsideration to Google by following this link. Your site will be checked manually and if all the things made by you is right than your site will be recovered. But don’t worry, if there are nothing done manually with your site then you don’t need to request for reconsideration. After making all the changes I have discussed above, you will see the improvement of your site slowly.

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