List of Indian banks providing debit cards that are accepted by PayPal and Google

In our country, most of the debit cards provided by a bank does not work on PayPal, Google Wallet or any other types of international payment gateways. When I started my PayPal account, I was also not able to use my debit card provided by United Bank of India.

All those cards rejected by PayPal and other international payment processor is because our in India there is a Government regulation for online transactions a 3-D secure pin must be used for security purposes. But for those entities like PayPal, Google Wallet there is no concept like 3d secure pin system. This is the reason, most of the Indian bank debit card is not acceptable on PayPal or Google Wallet.

However, there is still some bank in India providing the debit card that is acceptable by PayPal, Google Wallet or any other types of international payment gateway. Below is the list of some of the Indian banks where you can get the internationally accepted debit card for online payment:

Kotak Mahindra

I have already used my Kotak bank debit card for international payment purpose. I started it by downloading the Kotak 881 Android app provided by the Kotak Mahindra Bank. After you started your account through the app, one of their staff will call you for an appointment or you can also choose a date for appointment from the app. After they verify your account, you will able to request your international debit card.

In my case, it just took two days to get my physical debit card from Kotak Mahindra Bank after I request for the card through the app. Well, I am so happy with my Kotak Mahindra bank debit card as I can use it internationally through online. I am using this card to pay for my hosting and domain.

To me, the simplest way is to go with Kotak Bank debit card as it is accepted internationally by default and there is no need to do anything for making the card internationally supported.

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ICICI Bank is a popular bank in India. Their reputation, helpful staff in any branch, faster services make them one of the best banks in India. I am also an account holder of ICICI Bank. At the time I am writing this post, I am working as a web developer for a company. Our company helped me to open my account on ICICI Bank.

ICICI Bank debit card can also be used on PayPal, Google Wallet and on all international payment process. But to do it, you just need to enable your ICICI debit card for international payment through the app or through a phone call or by SMS.

Below are the process of enabling the ICICI Bank debit card for international payment:

  • SMS INTL to 5676766 from your ICICI registered mobile number
  • Call ICICI Bank Customer Care Number
  • Login to iMobile App > Services > Cards Services > Modify Debit Card limit > Choose to activate International transactions
  • To enabling debit card for international payment, login to ICICI Bank Internet banking >> Customer service >> Service requests >> Increase/Decrease debit card limit.


AXIS Bank also provides debit cards for Indians and this debit card also supported on PayPal and other international payment processes.

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Below is the given process to upgrade your Axis Bank debit card for international online payment:

Login to Axis Bank Internet banking or Mobile Banking >> Accounts >> Select Credit Card or Debit Card >> Select the specific card >> Replace/ Upgrade Card >> Change Usage Preference


Now HDFC Bank also provides debit cards that are acceptable internationally through online and acceptable by PayPal and Google Wallet. The process for enabling HDFC debit card for international online payment so that you can use it on PayPal, Google Wallet, below are the process:

  • Login to HDFC Netbanking > Cards > Credit/Debit Cards > Request > International Enable
  • Call PhoneBanking of HDFC Bank

So these are the bank account which I have discussed in this post. If you need a debit card for online payment internationally then you can choose and then open account on any of the banks I have discussed above.

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