How I got my Kotak bank debit card that has accepted by PayPal and Google Wallet

I am from India and I tried to add or pay through PayPal using some of my Indian bank debit cards. The first debit card I tested on PayPal and Google was issued by United Bank of India. But it was rejected though it was an international visa debit card.

After that, I tried with some of my other cards and my father’s debit card. These are the debit cards issued by States Bank of India and Allahabad Bank. But every time it was rejected by PayPal.

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I got the EntroPay credit card

After that, I came to know with Entropay. I read about it on ShoutMeLoud blog, a blog by Harsh Agrawal. On EntroPay I was able to create my virtual credit card that was successfully accepted by PayPal, Google Wallet, Stripe and all the other hosting company websites that accept payment through international credit cards.

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But the problem with this credit card was that it takes too much fee. I was able to add money to my EntroPay virtual credit card using my visa debit card issued by United Bank of India which I have just mentioned above. Every time I recharged my virtual credit card using my Indian visa debit card, it deducts ed 4.5% processing fee.

How I got informed and went with Kotak 881 mobile app

Just three month ago before writing this post, one of the domains of my blog expired and I was not able to renew it as the visa debit card issued by United Bank of India was expired. I tried the debit card of my brother and friends but these were also rejected by Entropay.

After I tried too many cards, Entropay limits my account and I was not able to use any other cards. I contacted with Entropay, but I did not get any reply.

Well, a blogger who owns the blog helped me through TeamViewer and renew my domain using his credit card. I met with him on ShoutMeLoud forum. I am really so grateful to him for his help.

In the time when I was not able to renew my domain, I tried to searching online to get the virtual credit card. On the internet, I got informed about Kotak 881. I installed this app on my mobile and I tried to get the virtual card that can help me to renew my domain. I didn’t find it in the app. But with the help of Gulshan Kumar, I was able to renew my domain. I tried by adding money to my Kotak Mahindra bank account through Kotak 881.

After that, I didn’t use my Kotak 881 app for about 3 months.

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About one month ago before I writing this post, one of my ATM card validity ended. The new ATM card was sent to my home which was taken by my brother in Kolkata. I and my brother both live in Kolkata. But there is about 1-hour distance between us. I work as a web developer and I live near my company office where I work. My brother still studying and he is in B. Tech final here. So he has to live near his college. it is in Sodepur, Kolkata.

My money was about to ended and I was not able to withdraw money from my bank account. So I went to my brother in Sodepur to take the new ATM card sent to my home address Murshidabad. But with new ATM I was able to pay online but unable to withdraw the money.

Just a few days ago I downloaded and installed the Kotak 881 app on my phone. As I was able to pay online using my debit card, I got the idea to add money to my Kotak 881 account and then transfer it to another account which I did not use for long days but the ATM card is still under validity period and I can withdraw my money using it. So I added money to Kotak 881 account and transfer it to that bank account. As it was Sunday, so Kotak 881 team transfer the money on the next day and I withdraw my money.

After few days I fixed an appointment with a Kotak staff and I verify my identity with Kotak bank account. After that, I applied for the debit card and within few days I got it.

After I got my debit card I still didn’t know that it is acceptable online internationally and also supported by PayPal and Google Wallet.

I don’t know why, but suddenly my mind called me to test it online as the credit card. I sell source code online on Gumroad. By paying through credit card anyone can buy products on Gumroad. To test my card, I paid for one of my PHP source code and I was surprised that it was accepted.

After that, I add more money to my Kotak 881 credit card and renewed the domain that is on Namecheap. I also tried it with PayPal and Google and it also accepted them like a credit card.

Now I am so happy because I can now pay online internationally using My Kotak Mahindra Bank debit card. it is also accepted and supported by PayPal and Google Wallet. You can also get your own internationally accepted Kotak 881 debit card now.


7 responses to “How I got my Kotak bank debit card that has accepted by PayPal and Google Wallet”

  1. Anish says:

    My Kotak debit card not accepted by PayPal how u did this. I can buy domain buy other international products buy the only cant sent money via pay why?

  2. reshma verma says:

    Same case with me even till now I can’t buy domain nor hosting for searching of visa debit card that I can use at PayPal .if you agree with me shall I go with Kotak Mahindra bank 811 or not please suggest me.
    because I also hole united bank debit card that doesn’t support.
    please help me shall I apply for Kotak Mahindra bank or not.

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Well, I have started with Kotak 881 about two years ago. The debit card is accepted internationally. I can use it on PayPal and many other websites.

  3. Aditya Singh says:

    I have made a Kotak 811 lite account today (23/06/2019) how long until I can use the debit card?

  4. Arumoy jana says:

    Kotak mahindra bank which debit card is support in paypal? I don’t want to use credit card.

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