Which hosting provider should you choose for Magento store?

I have previously discussed Magento. So here I am not going to discuss this PHP software again in details. But in short, I want to inform that it is an amazing eCommerce software which can be used to build an eCommerce store easily without writing a single line of code.To run this software, you need a hosting server.

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To run this software, you need a hosting server. There is a countless number of hosting providers available in the market. But choosing the good one may be a confusing task for you. So here in this post, I am going to help you in choosing a good hosting company for your Magento based eCommerce website.

How to determine if a hosting provider is good for your Magento store?

There are various factors to measure the quality of a hosting provider. In the case of Magento, you need a quality hosting plan as it is not a light weight application. You have to take the below factors as account:

Speed and performance:

Speed and performance of hosting server for your site are important in this time of high-speed internet world. No one will like to wait for a long time to load your website. So, choose a hosting provider that can give your site nice speed and performance.

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Website speed is also an important factor of SEO now. Google also takes the page loading speed as an SEO factor on their search algorithm. So it is clear that fast page loading speed of your site will increase the SEO rank a bit.

Disk memory and bandwidth:

Though the top of the hosting providers always will give you more disk memory space than our need, you still should check and think about if it is sufficient for you.


Website uptime is also an important factor. Uptime means the total time your site is available online divided by downtime (when your site is offline)and then multiply it with 100 to get the percentage value of uptime.

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For an eCommerce store, you can lose revenue if the uptime of your site is not good. A visitor can leave your site if he sees your site is offline.

Check the prices and what you get for the price:

Check for the hosting price and think if all the services and quality of the hosting provider is matching with that price before you buy a hosting plan.

Choose a trusted hosting company:

Choose a trusted hosting company that is using by others and they trust it. You can find some popular web hosting providers available in the market and very well known.

Server upgrade option:

Before you go with a hosting, you must check if the upgrade features are available there. You may need to upgrade your hosting plan when you see that more spaces, bandwidth, physical memory or anything else needed.

Hosting type:

Depending on your requirement you may need to choose a hosting type. it can be shared, cloud, VPS or dedicated hosting plan. You should think carefully which one you need and then buy the one that you need.

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Generally for a new starter website shared hosting is enough. After you see the increase in traffic, you can get a cloud, VPS or a dedicated hosting server.

Some of the good hosting providers for Magento based eCommerce website

Now I am going to list here two good hosting providers for a Magento based eCommerce website.


CloudWays is one of the best hosting providers for a Magento based eCommerce website. it provides managed Magento hosting that is specially optimized for Magento based website. Their cloud hosting provider has nice features like faster page loading time,  reliability, uptime, security, backup feature, easy to use built in tools and much more. Here in this post, I have discussed in more details about CloudWays cloud hosting provider for Magento.


SiteGround is another hosting provider that provides managed hosting for Magento based websites. The optimized Magento hosting on SiteGround will give your store both speed and performance with great uptime. They also provide free CloudFlare CDN with Railgun that can improve the experience with Magento really fast. Another good thing is that SiteGround has a great customer support system that available for 24×7.

For now, I have added these two popular and good quality of hosting providers for Magento based websites.later I will list more after I get some more information about other hosting providers that provide hosting for Magento based websites.

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