Hosting providers for Magento store that can give faster speed and performance

Magento is a popular full-featured open source eCommerce application that is written in PHP. Using Magento you can start your own eCommerce store in minutes and start selling your products. To start your own Magento based eCommerce website, you just need a hosting plan.

But many peoples confuse in thinking that which hosting provider is good for a Magento store. So here I am going to help in choosing the right hosting plan for a Magento site.

There are a number of hosting providers available for Magento, but it may not be clear to everyone which hosting provider is the right solution.

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A hosting which gives faster page loading speed with great performance and uptime is accepted for every website. Yes, there are lots of Magento hosting providers available, but that doesn’t mean all are good. Also, if you choose the hosting plan from a hosting company for your Magento website, then the plan type is matter.

As the hosting that gives faster loading speed and performance with good uptime is the best choice for an eCommerce site running on Magento, so here in this article, I am going to list some of the great hosting providers for Magento based eCommerce site.

Below is the list of some of the good hosting providers for a Magento based site:

Magento hosting on CloudWays cloud platform

Magento hosting for fast performance on CloudWays is a good choice as their cloud platform can give power to your Magento store. It gives you various cloud platform to choose from like Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Amazon, Kyup, Linode, and Vultr. Magento hosting on CloudWays offer dedicated resources that is SSD-based which gives your store superior performance.

If you want to know more about the Magento hosting on CloudWays, then I recommend you to read this post – High Speed Managed Magento Hosting With Cloudways. You will get some more information in the article.

The advance cached options like Memcached, Varnish, and Redis with the latest technology including the latest version of PHP-FPM, Apache, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB help your Magento store to improve the loading time and performance so users can visit your site with a faster speed. The CDN service and full-page cache from CloudWays also can improve the speed.

MageMojo Magento hosting provider

MageMojo is another Magento hosting provider that has many of the features, especially for Magento based site. MageMojo can give your site both speed, power, reliability, scalability with the security as well.

They are very different than most of the other Magento hosting providers. They are using  Amazon Aurora Database which is faster than MySQL database. Also, they are using Premium CloudFront CDN.

These are together can take the site speed to the next label. Their hosting provider is Amazon which has a reputation for providing great speed and performance. So you can trust MageMojo hosting provider for your Amazon store.

Fully Managed Magento hosting on TMDHosting

The fully managed Magento hosting on TMDHosting is powerful yet the cost-effective hosting solution for your Magento based eCommerce website to sell online. On TMDHosting Magento hosting plan, you will get the powerful Magento store with super fast, extra easy and reliable features.

To speed up your Magento store, TMDHosting comes with all SSD-based memory for storage with three layers of cache. Also, it provides a great uptime.

Magento Hosting on a2hosting

The a2hosting is another hosting provider company that provides managed Magento hosting at a cheaper price compared to most of the other types of hosting. Also, compared to the price, their hosting quality great and it provides the blazing fast speed, fine-tuned and easier to use with the good reliability and uptime. If you want your existing Magento store to be migrated to a2hosting, then you will be happy to know that they provide free migration service. They will migrate your whole Magento store to a2hosting and you don’t have to pay for this task.

Which hosting provider should you choose for Magento store?

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So these are some of the great Magento hosting providers and all of these are fantastic for both performances, quality, speed, reliability and so on. If you need any suggestion in choosing the hosting plan for your Magento store then you can ask me. I will tell you what will be the best for you according to your needs.

Also, if you want to migrate your existing Magento store to a new one then you should choose the one which can easily take the load of the existing traffic so that your store become faster than it was before.

In the end, I want to know from you. You can tell me if you have experience with any other Magento hosting provider which you think to be in this list. I am always eager to learn new.

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