Mediavine alternatives for blogs with non-US majority traffic

Mediavine is a premium ad network that pays a very high amount of revenue compared to AdSense. Even some bloggers found there earning increases 7 times more than AdSense after they start using the Mediavine network and all the bloggers notice at least 5 times more earning then AdSense.

I hope, you are aware of the power of Mediavine. Many of the new bloggers have a dream to get approved by Mediavine and start earning through it. To achieve this goal, they work hard to drive traffic to their blog as quickly as possible.

To get approved by Mediavine, a blog needs at least 50k monthly sessions.

But wait…

Even if you reach 50k monthly sessions, you still may not be eligible for Mediavine approval.

But why? What is the reason?

Well, Mediavine already mentioned that. There is another requirement for a blog to use Mediavine. The blog needs majority traffic from the United States. So a blog should have a considerable amount of U.S traffic to start with this ad network.

For this reason, even if your blog is getting more than 50K sessions per month but still the majority of traffic is coming from outside of the US then you will also not be able to use Mediavine.

So is AdSense is the only option for you? Is it the only hope for you and for all the other bloggers who have a sufficient amount of traffic, but not from the US?

Don’t worry… This is exactly not…

There are some alternatives available to you and for those bloggers with the majority of non-US traffic. I am going to let you know about some of the ad networks that pay several times more than AdSense. Even some of them are also able to increase the ad profit from 5 to 7 times.

Even I am also not qualified for Mediavine

Also, I want to let you know that, currently I am getting most of the traffic from India to my programming blog. Not need to say, as you can guess, I am not able to use Mediavine.

But still, I found an ad network that I am using currently and pay at almost 5 times more than that of the AdSense. This is one of the best Mediavine alternatives I found.

So I am very happy now with the ad network. You can find the ad network I am using in this article.

Well, there is more premium ad network available that accept blog that is getting non-U.S majority traffic. I have mentioned some of them in this article. So keep reading…

Mediavine alternatives for blog having majority traffic outside of the U.S

I know you are waiting to know about them. So instead of wasting time let’s directly jump into it:


I personally love Valueimpression so much. Even I am also using it on one of my blogs.

Valueimpression simply increased my ad revenue 5 times more than AdSense. I was just shocked by the happiness I feel after giving it a try. I decided that I will continue using this ad network and still I am using it from October 2019.

To get started with Valueimpression, it needs at least 80k monthly visits on your blog. But I was getting hardly 80k monthly visits at that time when I applied for Valueimpression.

After 2 days, we got the approval even though our traffic was below a little bit than their requirement they mentioned. But still, for the quality and opportunity for our site helped us to get the approval. I hope, if they like your blog and it’s content, then they will accept your blog too even with a little bit lower amount of monthly visits.


Though Valueimpression is better and generates more revenue for me, still I am mentioning Ezoic because lots of bloggers having a low amount of traffic and Ezoic is perfect for many of those, not for absolute beginners but still many blogs whose age maybe 7 to 8 months can achieve that amount of traffic.

It required only 10k monthly visits. That amount of traffic doesn’t take too much time for most of the successful bloggers.

Ezoic also able to generate 3 to 5 times more than AdSense. Though the amount is lower than Valueimpression or Mediavine, but still far better than AdSense.


Another premium ad network that will approve blogs with non-US majority traffic is Pixfutre. This is a Canada based ad network company and able to skyrocket your revenue.

I used this ad network for a few months and my experience was goo with it. It is also able to pay almost like Valueimpression.


This is also a premium ad network and certified by Google. To join this ad network, you need a minimum of 200k traffic to your blog. They provide both display and video ads.

This one is also able to boost your revenue incredibly than AdSense and there is no required majority U.S traffic. But as you can see, the minimum traffic requirement is very high for this ad network.

So that’s it. These are the list of the ad network that doesn’t need majority traffic from the United States and can be used as the alternative of Mediavine.

Well, there are more other premium ad networks available that may be also be used as alternatives to the Mediavine network. But here I have listed those whom I believe most and try each of them.

Now let me know if there is any other premium ad network is in your mind. I also want to listen to you.

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