Restrict Content of Your WordPress Site For Premium Members Only

In this post, I am going to tell you about a WordPress plugin that can be used to turn your existing WordPress site or a new WordPress site into a full featured membership site.

The plugin I am going to discuss is WP eMember WordPress plugin which can be used to restrict the content of your WordPress site for members only.

This plugin can restrict articles, posts, pages, some portion of the post and even videos, digitally downloadable files by creating various membership level on your WordPress site. For example, you can create the content for free, basic, premium, ultimate and so on membership level and you can give permission for these level for the content of your WordPress site.

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Features of this WordPress membership plugin

Below are the given features of this WP eMember plugin:

Easy to install and configure

WP eMember plugin is easy to install just like any other WordPress plugin. Just purchase this plugin and after that upload and then activate this from your plugin page.

Restrict content

The content restriction is the main feature of this plugin. You can restrict your content like posts, pages, a portion of posts, videos, downloadable files and so on. Using this plugin you can create multiple membership levels and allow the users with the membership level to let access for those content that matches with the level.

Create unlimited member levels

You can create unlimited membership level with this plugin and can charge higher for higher levels. For example, you can create ree, basic, premium or any other types of membership levels.

Multi-site license

WP eMember WordPress plugin can be used on multiple sites. You can use this plugin as many sites as you want. You don’t have to pay any charges or you there is no need to buy developer license to use this plugin.

Manage the members easily

Managing users is easy. You can view all your members and their levels of account status and more. You can easily upgrade membership level, pause a member or delete any of the members from the member list in the admin dashboard panel.

Partially protect content

You can easily create a teaser content by partially protect a section or section of a page or post. Only members who have the correct permission can be allowed to see the content.

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Create custom registration fields

You can add your own custom registration fields to the member registration page or can customize the existence registration fields.

Bookmarking feature

The members of your WordPress site can bookmark any posts or pages that they like and can view it later which is a great feature of this plugin. They can also remove these from their bookmark list.

Download directory protection

If you are offering downloads for a particular membership level and restrict it for others, then you can easily protect your folder that contains download with this plugin. It will ask users for their valid login credentials before let them download the file from the protected folder.

Easy PayPal integration

PayPal payment gateway can be easily integrated with this plugin.Both one time and subscription type can be integrated for PayPal.

Braintree Payments Integration

WP eMember plugin can be easily integrated with Braintree payment gateway. You can accept membership payment via Braintree.

WooCommerce integration

WP eMember plugin can be easily integrated with WooCommerce plugin to accept membership payment via WooCommerce.

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bbPress Forum Integration

bbPress is a popular forum plugin for WordPress. You can make a forum system on your WordPress site using this plugin. WP eMember plugin can be easily integrated with the bbPress forum to restrict the forums and replies for members only by membership levels.

WordPress Affiliate Software Integration

Affiliate system can boost any kind of sales or subscription. The WordPress Affiliate Software can be easily integrated with WP eMember plugin to boost the sign up for membership.

Details documentation and great support

This plugin has a great documentation so that you can understand how to use this plugin. Also, the team of the plugin developer always provides great support whenever you need.

So I have mentioned some of the great features of WP eMember Plugin. If you need this plugin, then you can purchase it from this link.

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