How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google Search?

It is a dream of every website owner or bloggers to have their website content appear on the first page of Google search results. But many newbies don’t know what steps and decessions should be taken to increase the chances of appearing their blog on the very first page of Google.

Starting a website is not enough. With a website, it is must need to do proper SEO for that website. Without SEO, there is no meaning of website which gives you economical benefit.

Suppose you are not doing SEO for your website. Will you still be able to become successful without SEO? Now my question is that, why your site should come on Google first page without SEO as there most of the other websites are doing SEO? Does Google give priority to a site without SEO than other sites with properly configured SEO? Obviously no, then why there is SEO?

I know, everyone wants his/her website to get on the first page of Google search results. But to do this, you need to configure SEO properly. Only proper SEO can increase the chances to appear your website on the first page of search results for specific keywords. If you don’t have any idea then I suggest you check out the SEO related posts on my blog.

Now I am going to tell you some important things that you need to follow to take your website or blog content on the first page of Google search results. Remember that not only one, but several reasons are responsible to take the content of your site on a good position on Google.

Below are some steps you need to follow:

Configure all the SEO tag properly

Before you go through other SEO tricks, you must have to configure your on-page SEO properly. Be sure that all the SEO tags like meta descriptions, title tag are configured properly. Also, be aware of using heading tags. There are six heading tags available. These are h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6. Only one h1 tag can be on a web page.  You need to know and follow the rules of using heading tags.

Research keywords and use it in proper way

Proper keywords research and using the keywords effectively can improve the SEO of your blog or site. Keyword research is popular on-page SEO strategies. You need to keep the keyword density, targeted keywords perfect as much as possible. I suggest you read this blog to know more about it –

I suggest you use Google’s keyword planner. This tool can help you to find long tail keywords.

Quality link building

Quality link building or quality backlinks can improve the rank of your site on Google. Well, it is harder to get quality inbound links when your competition is against those sites with more quality backlinks. But if you are really posting quality content than there is a good chance that other sites can post a link to your site on their site.

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In link building, you always go natural way even though it takes time. Otherwise, your site may be penalized by Google. Some great way to link building is guest posting, comment on other several blog sites, video link building and so on.

Post quality contents

As I always say in many of my blog posts that quality content plays an important role in a website or blog. It will increase the chances of getting more organic search traffic by increasing the chances of appearing it on the first page of search results.

Guest posting and commenting

If you are thinking that posting as a guest on some of the other blogging site is just a time waste then wait, I am going to tell you how it can help you improve your site and how the link building can be done by guest posting.

You can post put your link on the site where you post as a guest. But the link to your site should be related to the topic and also to the niche of that blog site. Putting a link to your site doesn’t mean to put it unnecessarily.

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Similarly, you can put a link to your site when you are commenting on another site and if the topic is related to the link to your site that you are going to put on that site.

Improve bounce rate

Improving bounce rate of your site can improve the overall SEO of your site. More users will stick to your site and click or go any of the other pages of your site means your bounce rate will improve more. To better understand I suggest you read this post – What Is Bounce Rate In Alexa For A Site Or Blog?

Here is another post which tells you how to improve the bounce rate of your site or blog – How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog On Alexa?

So I have discussed some of the most important ways of improving the SEO of your blog which can increase the chances of appearing your blog on the first page of Google.

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