Some Tricky Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog


Here in this post, I am going to mention some tricky ways that can help you to get more traffic for your blog. Traffic plays an important role in any blog website. Without traffics, there is no meaning of running a blog site. Even the blog revenue also directly proportional to the amount of traffic that a blog site receives.

Tricky ways that can drive more traffic for your blog

So I am going to tell you some ways of increasing traffic. Read it below:

Join bloggers forums and community: 

You can join bloggers forums or community to keep relation with other bloggers and let them know about your site. Build a good relationship with them. It will help to let more peoples about your site and some of them may visit your blog if they are interested on the niche or topic that your blog is about.

Enable browsers push notifications:

This is a nice way to increase traffic. Even you also can see that I am also using it. You will get a notice asking to allow push notifications. If I send new push notifications then all the subscribers can see this and after clicking it they will reach to my blog page. You can use Pushengage tool to send browser notifications.

Write an attractive title:

An attractive title will always attract peoples to read your blog posts. An attractive title is enough to ignore all other search results on search engines and click on your search result only. The title plays an important role as it is shown on search results from search engines.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform to get a huge amount of traffic. As most of the peoples on Pinterest are from the United States, so you will get lots of US traffic. But you have to wait sometime to start getting traffic. Though you will not see traffic coming all in sudden from Pinterest, still it will be quicker than getting traffic from Google.

Meet with real-world people and promote:

You can meet with the peoples around you who are interested on the topics or niche of your blog. They may visit your website in a regular basis. If you read in college then it is a great chance for you.

Be helpful:

Always think about the readers. You should have an aim to make readers happy and also try to write the contents that will help your readers and can give solutions.

Make your site mobile friendly:

To get regular visitors from a mobile you should make your site mobile friendly. Today most of the internet users are coming from mobile. So if you don’t make your site mobile friendly, you will lose lots of traffic. Also, as I mentioned about getting traffic from Pinterest, even the maximum users on Pinterest are also using mobile devices.

That’s some ways I have mentioned here. Do you have some other suggestions or ideas? If you have some suggestions than you can write it on the comment below to let me know.

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