How Page Loading Speed Affects On Google Search Traffic?


There are many factors that Google count to rank a web page and it shows the web page in search results more frequently. One of the factor for Google search engine is the speed of the web page that Google has announced later. Faster site make internet users happy and also improve the user experience. So Google has taken it seriously and the Google team has added the page loading speed in their search algorithm.

It is also easy for Google crawlers to crawl a web page if the speed of the web page is faster. And also if some changes made on the web page than it will take too much time to come on Google search result.

So you can see that website traffic is related with the loading speed of your website’s pages because your web pages will be shown on Google search result more often if your page loading speed is great and take less time to load your web pages. So you must have to make your website faster to get a good amount of traffic from Google search engine.

for a WordPress blogging site, there are several ways to make the site faster with fast loading speed. You can use WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache etc to increase the page speed. Also you can use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to increase your the speed of your website and web pages. You should optimize the images of your website because images has a great roll of page’s total memory size. Minimizing the CSS, JavaScript file can help to improve in page loading speed.

You can choose a quality hosting provider which can give you a faster website. their are some managed WordPress site with really super fast speed. You can read my blog – Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting For High Traffic – Flywheel to know about a great managed WordPress hosting provider that I am using currently while writing this blog post.

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