Tips For High Traffic WordPress Site


Here in the post I am going to tell you how to maintain a high traffic WordPress site. Often WordPress site owners may notice some issue if their WordPress site start to get high traffic and the load on server increase. At this time or better before reaching that stat to take some steps so that your site does not get any error. Here are some steps you can do:

Upgrade your hosting plan:

By upgrading the hosting plan you will get more RAM or physical memory of the server where your website is located and thus your website can handle more traffics or visitors. After reaching to a certain amount of traffic every day you should take this step, otherwise your site can be offline suddenly or several time.

Use a great caching plugin:

Using a caching plugin like W3 Total cache, WP Super Cache etc are available to save and minify some of your website content and thus your website can load with a faster speed.

Use CDN for your site:

Using CDN is a nice idea to reduce the load on server by serving the static contents of your website like images, CSS, JavaScript etc from closest server of the network instead of taking it from your hosting server. There are several CDN provider available and MaxCDN, Cloudflare are so popular CDN among them. Sometimes your hosting partner may be partnership with a CDN provider and it will be then easy for you to configure the CDN for your website. Learn how CDN work on here.

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 Make Your WordPress Site Faster Than Hosting Capacity


Migrate your website to better hosting provider:

You can migrate your website to another hosting provider which can easily handle the high traffic and the hosting should obviously etter in quality than your old hosting. You can migrate your website to Flywheel, WP Engine or Kinsta managed WordPress hosting.

Go through managed WordPress hosting:

Managed WordPress hosting are capable to take more load and traffic. So you can migrate your website to a managed WordPress hosting provider like Flywheel, WP Engine, Cloudways etc.

Avoid unnecessary plugins and reduce the number plugins:

Always avoid using unnecessary plugins to reduce the load on server. Only use those plugins you need and always try to decrease the number of plugins that you use on your WordPress site. Using a lots of plugins will make your site slow and sometimes your site will not open if got more traffic.


These are the major tips for making your WordPress site high traffic enable. Never let your site goes down for high traffic. Take these necessary steps before your site goes down.


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