What should be the Keyword Density of your blog post for SEO?

There are several things that Google, Bing and most of the other popular search engines measure for ranking a web page. So there are several things you have to keep your mind when you are writing a blog post. Keyword Density is one of them. You also should keep Keyword Density in your mind while writing a post on your blog to make a better SEO for that post.

In this blog post I am trying to give you the idea of what should be the keyword density of your blog post in details. Well, I need to give the answer in details as their are no exact value and it depends upon various factors.

What is Keyword Density and what is it’s value in SEO?

Keyword density is the percentage of the number of times a keyword appears on a web page divided by the total number of words in that page.

For example:

Suppose you have an blog post of 100 words and on that post your chosen keyword has appeared for 10 times. So what will be the Keyword Density on that page that contains the blog post? Your density for that keyword will be 10%. It measured with the formula that given below:

  • Keyword density = (Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100

Thus you are getting 10% density for that keyword. Well there are other formulas for measure this value too, but this is the basic.

What should be the ideal Keyword Density for a blog article?

Before I am going to tell you the ideal percentage of keyword density I want to inform you that these days keyword density matters very less. Articles quality, site quality and site authority has much more important than it. But it doesn’t mean that keyword density doesn’t have any value in SEO. It still effect a little bit for on-page SEO.

So what should be the perfect or ideal keyword density of your blog for netter search ranking. Well, it is not so easy to tell the percentage number in one word. The answer also can’t be a just a number.

For example, if you are using long tail keyword on one of your blog post or article then you need less keyword density for that particular keyword. On the other hand if you are using very short tail keyword then you need a higher value of keyword density.

Well, still there is no ideal keyword density value for a blog post. Well I personally recommend you to keep the density around 1.5%. But it still vary. But you can get a clue. Now I am going to give you the idea so that you will easily understand

While writing an article many bloggers repeat particular keywords again and again unnecessarily to rank higher on Google for some particular keywords. But doing this will obviously can harm your blog. It will encounter as keyword spamming and Google will reduce the priority of search appearance for that blog post and it can effect the total search ranking of your site which is not acceptable for you. So never use keywords unnecessarily to rank on search engines. Always keep your blog post or content natural.

So ideal keyword density is that which keeps your content natural and human readable. That means the perfect keyword density is different for different types of blog post and article.

I still suggest you to keep your keyword density near 1.5%, but obviously keeping your blog post natural. Also the keyword density between 1 to 3% will be good if your article is natural. If you see that your article not looks like natural then you should decrease the keyword density even also the keyword density is significantly of smaller value.

I suggest you to use a WordPress plugin to measure keyword density of your post. Thus you will able to see the keyword density at the time of writing a post.

Also here are the places where I suggest you to use your keywords for better search ranking:

  • Blog URL
  • Blog post title
  • The first paragraph of the blog post
  • The ending paragraph of the blog post
  • Include keyword in one or 2 ALT tags of images on your post

And one another thing, Google also looks at the related keywords to the mainstream keywords in your content. Including keywords related to the blog content can greatly boosts SEO for your blog.

At the end, again want to say you that keyword density matter much less then the other factors for ranking like your article quality, how useful your article content, how many social signals your post is getting and many more.

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