5 Best Hosting Providers For PrestaShop Site In Cheap price

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

PrestaShop is a popular free eCommerce software that is built in PHP programming language. Anyone can start a full featured eCommerce site using this PHP software easily without having any programming knowledge. Though this open source eCommerce application is built with PHP, but you don’t need to learn PHP to use this ready-made eCommerce software. You can easily install this application on your server and configure it and after that, your online store is ready to sell products.

But the question comes when you think about the hosted server to run PrestaShop to start an eCommerce website. There are a number of hosting providers available today and choosing the right one for your need is not so easy. And when you have to choose a hosting provider for your eCommerce site that runs on PrestaShop then several questions comes in mind. You may think which one is best hosting for PrestaShop driven eCommerce site or may think which one provide you faster loading speed for your PrestaShop site.

Well, it is also not easy to find a hosting provider for this eCommerce software in cheap price and at the same time, it provides great performance to your eCommerce store. It is impossible to get cheap PrestaShop hosting providers only for $1 or $2 monthly price. So I am not going to discuss these types of hosting providers. To get quality hosting for your PrestaShop base eCommerce site you need to pay a little more.

Don’t worry. I am here to help you again. now in this post, I am going to list 5 best hosting providers for PrestaShop base eCommerce site which are cheaper comparable to most of the other hosting providers and also provide good performance. I have listed these hosting providers as “Best Hosting For PrestaShop in cheap price” depending on the performance and speed comparable to the price and some other factors.

So let’s see the best hosting for PrestaShop:

List of 5 best hosting providers for PrestaShop base eCommerce site:

CloudWays PrestaShop Hosting

CloudWays is a cloud hosting provider for many types of web application on their cloud base server. Like many web application CloudWays also provide hosting solution for PrestaShop base eCommerce store. CloudWays cloud hosting platform is a great choice for starting your PrestaShop site on their cloud server as it is perfectly optimized for PrestaShop site. It is obviously one of the best hosting for PrestaShop base eCommerce site. Here I have discussed their hosting features in details – Optimized PrestaShop Cloud Hosting – Fast And Secure. I suggest you read the post. As I have already written about this hosting provider for a PrestaShop site so I am not going to discuss in details.

PrestaShop Hosting On SiteGround

If you need an optimized PrestaShop hosting with great performance within reliable price then it is nice choice to choose a SiteGround optimized PrestaShop hosting provider. There free to use CDN also help you to speed up your PrestaShop base eCommerce site. Their security system will also keep your site safer which is must have for any type of eCommerce site.

Fully Managed PrestaShop Hosting on TMDHosting

TMDHosting is providing hosting for PrestaShop base eCommerce site which is fully managed for hosting a PrestaShop site with faster page loading time and great uptime at a reliable price. I always welcome you if you have the choice to start your eCommerce site with TMDHosting fully-managed PrestaShop hosting.

PrestaShop hosting on A2Hosting

If you need a high-performance PrestaShop hosting within reliable price then PrestaShop hosting on A2Hosting is a great choice for you which provides you free cPanel, free SSD, unlimited storage and transfer with a money back guarantee. The price is cheaper if you compare it with the features that A2Hosting provides you on your Prestashop eCommerce site. Your eCommerce store will be faster, finely tuned and safer.

PrestaShop hosting on Inmotion Hosting

I have already discussed four recommended hosting that is comparably cheaper with respect to the features and performance than most of the other types of hosting. But now I am going to tell you about PrestaShop on Inmotion Hosting. Inmotion Hosting is easy to use hosting solution for PrestaShop base eCommerce site and provide free SSDs, free data backups and 90 days of full money back guarantee. You can easily see stats of your site.

These are the 5 recommended PrestaShop hosting provider which are cheaper in price with good performance. So where would you like to start your PrestaShop base eCommerce store and start selling? There are lots of more hosting providers where you can start. Almost all shared hosting providers will let you install and run this amazing eCommerce software, but I have chosen the best in cheaper price and have listed on this post for you.