How can you earn money from your programming blog?

Monetizing a blog from an ad publisher network like using Google AdSense, InfoLinks, PopAds etc is so common. But I think, the main source of income of a blog comes from some other techniques that are other than monetizing with CPC, APA like ad networks.

In this post, I am going to tell you how you can earn money from a programming blog. I am also running a programming blog CodeSpeedy and I use different ways to earn from this blog.

Here I am going to list some nice and effective ways of making money from your programming blog. If you are also running your own programming niche blog then this post may be helpful to you. If you already have programming knowledge or you are a developer then it will be a really great choice to start a programming blog for you.

If you already has programming knowledge or you are a developer then it will be a really great choice to start a programming blog for you. As a programmer or developers, you can write lots of things related to programming which will never end. You will always find a new topic on programming almost whenever you think. I have already experienced it as I am also running a programming blog which contains programming in Java, PHP, CSS and HTML.

Some great ways to make money from a programming blog

Here are some of the great ways of making a profit from a programming related blog  I have listed below:

Sell source code of your own product

If you are a good developer or coder having good skills of making something nice that peoples want then you can sell your source code. You can write a PHP script, make a website template, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Android app source code, CSS source code and so on.

You can sell it on your own website or you can also sell your products on online marketplace websites like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon etc. These types of marketplace sites will take a commission in each sale you made on their marketplace platform.

Earn from affiliate network of source code products

You will find affiliate links from marketplace site which selling source code and programming, coding related products. Envato Market, Codester has an affiliate system. Lots of other source code products are available to buy online on their own website and most of them are providing referral program.

For example, is a site which is selling their own WordPress plugin, EngineThemes are selling their own made WordPress theme, StudioPress also selling WordPress theme. They also have a nice affiliate or referral program system. You can use their affiliate link by writing a product review to earn from your programming blog or just by adding a link with image on sidebar, header or somewhere of your site.

Earn money from paid reviews or sponsored types post

Paid or sponsored review is a great way of making money from almost any types of blog. On a programming blog, you can write reviews for PHP script, Android app source code, Java source code, Website template, WordPress themes, and plugins by taking money from the seller of the product.

Make money from direct advertising banner

Direct advertising banner is also so popular way of making money from any types of blog. But the types of the banner vary and depend on the niche of the blog. Just like sponsored review you can add a banner with the link by taking money from sellers of the same types of products.

So what you think? Was this article helpful for you? I have listed three most effective way of earning from a programming blog. I have not listed the popular method like monetize a blog using AdSense or InfoLinks and similar ad publisher networks like that as I have already told you about it on the top part of this article and these are so common also.

Personally, I want to inform you that you can earn even more from your programming blog and it is higher than AdSense, InfoLinks publisher networks.

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