PopAds.net Publishers Review In 2018

There are lots of publisher networks available now through which bloggers can monetize their blog to earn money from their blog. In this article, I am going to write a review about PopAds ad network for publishers in 2017.

Brief description of PopAds.net ad network

PopAds.net is a pop-under ad network which is very popular and one of the best pop-under ad network in the industry. At the tie of writing this article, the Alexa rank of PopAds website is 52 which proves that how much popular is their network.

Currently, PopAds has advertisers from more than 50 countries worldwide. It includes North America, Western Europe, Australia, India and Southern Asia.

PopAds.net publishers review

In 2017 PopAds is a great choice for bloggers and website owners to earn an income from their blog. PopAds pays a good amount of money to the publishers. The rate is really so high for North American and Western Europe like U.S.A, U.K, Canada etc. Australia, Malaysia also has a higher rate.

Well, the amount of money that you earn per thousands impression is very low for countries like India, Philippine.

Actually, the rate of earning per thousands of impressions is depending on several factors like country or location of visitors, time, website quality and much more. The rate is significantly higher for those countries where peoples have higher buying capacity. For this reason, you can earn more from USA visitors than Indian visitors for the same amount of impressions.

If you ask me about monetizing your site using PopAds ad network for publishers then I will obviously welcome this decision. PopAds really pays a higher amount of money to their ad publishers partners.

After you submit your site on PopAds it needs some time for them to approve. Once your site approved by PopAds, you will then able to run the ad on your site instantly. You have to put the ad code inside the <head> tag of your site or blog.

How many visitors your website or blog need for PopAds?

There are no minimum amount of visitors required to start with PopAds. You can start monetizing your site or blog immediately. New websites are always welcome to PopAds.

but to earn sufficient amount of money you must need a good amount of traffic to your site like any other ad network.

How much can you earn from PopAds.net ad network?

The amount is really higher. I have discussed in details about how much can you earn from PopAds in this article – How much can you earn from PopAds.net as a publisher? So here in this post, I am going to tell you about it in brief.

I have just discussed that revenue from PopAds highly depends on in visitor’s location or country. Depending on from which country the site is getting most of its visitors really vary the revenue earning from PopAds. PopAds says that they never pay below $4 in average for per thousands US visitors.

For which types of site PopAds work best?

You can monetize any types of the blog from PopAds ad publisher network where click rate is good. but it will work best on any download types website where visitors come to download files by clicking anywhere on your web page will make revenue.Also on a download

Also on a download site, you will able to convert most of the visitors into revenue as the chances of the click is higher than normal blogging sites. You will often find many download websites are already using pop-under ads and PopAds is one of the most popular pop-under ad networks for download sites.

Payout process

The minimum payouts from PopAds through PayPal is $5. So you don’t have to wait for $100 like AdSense. If the Affiliate request that payment by made through a third party payment source such as PayPal, AlertPay or a wire transfer, the minimum payment amount will be determined by such third party payment source.

So what you are thinking now? Are you ready to join PopAds or you would like to know more about this ad publisher network? PopAds has a great support system. You can ask anything to their support email address and they will reach to you. I have also sent the email to them and got their response. They have a nice support system.

At the end, I also want to say that though you will able to make a good amount of money from PopAds.net ad network, but visitors on a site often feel irritated for pop-under type ads. PopAds also provide pop-under ads to monetize your site. So please think if you should monetize your site with PopAds publisher network or not and take the decision carefully.

After using PopAds ad network for your site or blog to monetize you can share your experience with me. I am always ready to listen from you.


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  1. Hello dear,
    Great article. Thank you for sharing that type of content.
    I am struggling with my website revenue. Noe i hope popads are useful for me.
    Thanks once again.

  2. Nitesh aa says:

    please Tell any Native widget ad network for low traffic website

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Well, I don’t know about any native ad network for low traffic site. But I think, you can directly contact advertisers. But I think, on low traffic website, the chances are very few to get advertisers. I think it will be better to concentrate on making traffic and then go for native advertising.

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