SaleJunction Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce Compatible Theme

Easy Digital Downloads is a great plugin to sell digital downloadable products on your site. You can create your own digital product store and sell digital files easily.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin to start a full-featured eCommerce store where one can sell both physical and digital goods.

There are a huge amount of themes available that are compatible and specially made for Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce plugin. Some themes are available free of cost and some are premium. If you want to run your store which will run on EDD or WooCommerce, then you need a theme which will be perfect for these plugins and compatible.

Are you looking for an Easy Digital Downloads theme? Or you need a WooCommerce theme?

Here I am going to introduced you to a cool and appealing theme that is for both of these two plugins. Either you want an Easy Digital Downloads store or WooCommerce store, this theme will work for both.

In this post, I am going to introduce you to Salejunction theme that is developed by Inkthemes which is compatible with both Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce plugin.

Salejunction is a beautiful, attractive, appealing and amazing powerful theme that can help you to start your digital store or physical store. The clean and responsive layout of the design allows organized presentation of different items for sale.

If you are looking for a theme to start your EDD or WooCommerce store, then Salejunction is a perfect choice for you. You can get this theme from here.

Why should you choose a theme that is focused on WooCommerce or EDD plugin?

Now a question can come to your mind. Why should you choose a theme that is specially built for WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads? Well, on general themes also you can start your store. Then what it means by compatible with EDD and WooCommerce?

Well, there is a common face that specialization is always better than generalization if you are focusing on one particular thing. The WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads themes are compatible with a theme means, the theme has been designed and developed with the options, layout and many other things built specially for presenting the products with a perfect and way that can increase the user experience and make it looks like a real and full-featured eCommerce website.

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If you are among those who have already tested WooCommerce or EDD plugin with a number of themes that are not specially designed and developed for these plugins then you may understand the necessity to use a theme that is compatible with these plugins.

The main reason is that all those themes that are not compatible with these eCommerce plugins have the design issue, inappropriate style of presenting products, not looks and feels like a store and so on.

The only solution to this problem is to get a theme that is compatible with one of these plugins which you choose to start your store.

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Well, you can hire theme developer to develop a theme that is compatible with the plugin you choose. or there is another option available where you can buy a ready-made WooCommerce and EDD supported the theme that is highly customizable so that you can customize it according to your requirement. The perfect theme for WC or EDD will be able to nicely present the products to your online customers.

So why I am going to am introducing you to the Salejunction theme that is supported by both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads plugin. If you are going to use any one of the plugins to start your online store, then in both cases choosing this theme is a good choice.

Why is Salejunction a perfect choice for your EDD or WooCommerce store?

Below are some of the great features of Salejunction plugin:

Supported by Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce plugin

Salejunction theme is supported by both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads WP plugin. In short, I can say that this is just a perfect choice for your eCommerce store running with one of these plugins.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are using WooCommerce or EDD plugin, this theme is supported by both of these plugins. As I discussed already in this article, that using a theme that is specially built for WooCommerce or EDD, then it is always better to choose that theme for your EDD or WC store. So it will be a good choice to choose the theme for your store running on EDD or WC.

Products will perfectly fit with the theme

Showing products in an eCommerce store in a manner so that visitors will be attracted to the looks and spend a few whiles on the site may worth a lot. So it is important to show the products on your store with appealing and attractive looks. The Salejunction theme has the capability to attract buyers with the attractive presentation of products to customers by its product listing site.

All the products can fit perfectly and with neatly in the theme. On the homepage, products can be nicely displayed as an organized manner. The theme has the exact grid layout to display products neatly. With the help of categories tag on the homepage, users on your store can easily sort the product accordingly and can make a certain choice for their purchase.

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Beautifully featured homepage

The Salejunction theme has come with a very potential, beautiful and appealing featured homepage that can impress your buyers with the first looks. Also, it contains full-width slider which is highly customizable.

It is important to make the front page appealing so that it will be able to attract your visitors with its eye-catching style. Salejunction  theme can do that task perfectly.

Highly customizable with your mouse click

Customization option is the important feature of any theme. No one likes to use a theme as it is in default. After downloading the theme, peoples always like to customize the theme to make it like they want by changing design layout, changing the color combination and so on.

themes provide customization options where the user does not have to write a single line of code. They can customize the theme just with their mouse click.

The theme is highly customizable with the options that are available in this theme. The footer, the sidebar, layout all are customizable. You can choose the layout, change the color combination so that it matches perfectly with your brand. According to your requirement, you can transform your site. You can do all these just with your mouse clicks.

So with these features, you can realize why Salejunction is one of the perfect themes for your eCommerce running on using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugin. If you want to get this theme, then you can buy it from here.

Don’t worry. You can see the theme demo before you buy the theme. before you get it, carefully check the demo to examine if it is fit according to your needs. It doesn’t matter if you want to start your store with either WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugin, this theme will work with both of the plugins and you can also see the live demo of the theme with both the EDD and WooCommerce plugin on their website.

Now let me know what are you thinking about this theme. I am also eager to know whats going in your mind about the theme. Do you think it is perfect for your store or for others who want to start their store using either WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads plugin?

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