3 Major Reasons Of Decreasing Domain Authority Of Your Site

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Domain authority is a scoring system developed by Moz of domains depending on the website. Domain authority predicts how well a website or blog will rank on search engines. It measures with a 100 point scale.

It can be found for many of the websites that the domain authority has decreased. It is really so bad for those sites. now in this blog post I am going to tell you the major 3 reasons of decreasing domain authority. So this post may help you to aware of those reasons which causes decreasing domain authority. It may help you losing the good domain authority for your site or blog.

The three major reasons of decreasing domain authority of a site

Here are the 3 major reasons of why domain authority of your website or blogging site can be decrease:

Bad links to your website:

Most of the site owners understand that backlinks are good for a site and it is also good for ranking better. Backlinks do a lots for your website also. But the most important thing is that in which kind of websites are linking to your website. Always remember that linking your site to bad backlinks is harmful for your site. Only few bad backlinks or even only one backlink can decrease the domain authority of your site.

What Is Domain Authority And Why You Need To Improve It?

And one thing you should always remember, never buy backlinks from anyone or from any backlink provider. You can find so many fiverr seller are selling backlinks. Never buy these types of backlinks. There are some sites that have to close their blogging life because they bought these types of backlink. They find a large decrease in search traffic that it was not easy for them to recover.

Poor quality of content on your site:

Google always love to those blog sites which have great content and care for their readers. If you just want to increase the number of contents of your site without caring for your readers then you definitely see that domain authority of your site decreased. It will also be the reason of decreasing organic search traffic. If you are running a blogging site then always try to write blog posts within minimum of 800 words. you should have sufficient content in each of the blog post on your blog. So always write useful content without only for increasing the number of blog post.

How To Improve Or Increase Domain Authority Of Your Site?

One thing I want to inform you that there are lots of blog that started and they got more than 1000 visitors each day for less than 100 or for only about 50 blog posts. The reason behind it is that these blog contain with useful and sufficient content. Each of the blog posts of these blog are useful.

Poor and bad quality of external links with dofollow on your site:

If your site contain poor quality of external site links with dofollw than it will be so bad for your site. I recommend and always suggest you to use nofollow for external links of your website. Dofollow for bad and non-reputated sites can harm your site incredibly that even you can’t think.

These are the three major reason for a website or blog for decreasing the domain authority. now I think you will be aware of this and always maintain your site with right way. thanks for reading this blog post.