Why should bloggers use the SEOquake browser extension?

There are some amazing browser extensions available that every blogger should use. I have already written in this blog post which Chrome extensions I use to improve my blog – 3 Chrome Extensions That I Use To Improve My Blog. In this article, I am going to introduce you to SEOquake which is really a great tool for bloggers.

I already discussed on that article about SEOquake in brief, but now I am going to tell you why bloggers should use the SEOquake browser extension with details information.

I have got the link of SEOquake from the left side of my SEMrush account dashboard. That day I thought I should give a try to it and add this extension to my Chrome browser. Since that day I am still using it and I love this extension now.

Why do I like this browser extension as a blogger? And why every blogger should use this browser extension? I am going to tell you the answer.

Reasons that every blogger should use SEOquke for their blog

Here are some of the most valuable informational SEO data you can get from this browser extension:

Check site rank

Using this browser extension you can keep eye on both Alexa and SEMrush rank of your site in. It is really so great thing to get both these rank in one place without visit Alexa and Semrush separately.You will able to check the rank in quickly.

Number of indexed pages on search engines

Another amazing fact within SEOquake extension is that you will be able to see the total number of indexed pages of your blog or site on Google and Bing very quickly. You don’t need to go on Google and Bing separately to see how many pages of your site indexed there. You can see all these data gather in just one place.

You will also be able to see the total number indexed pages of any other websites.

Page Info

By clicking on PAGE INFO option, you will be able to see various data on your page as well as any other web page from other sites. For example, you can see keyword density, repeats, meta keywords, meta description etc.

Keyword Density

It is better to care for the Keyword Density of each post that you publish on your blog. SEOquake browser extension will allow you to see the content Keyword Density of any page that you visit with your browser.

Also, you will understand what should be the Keyword Density for selected keywords on your blog by checking some of the popular blog’s keywords using this tool. After checking some of the blog posts from popular blogs you will get an idea.

Page SEO Audit

By clicking on DIAGNOSIS, you will able to see SEO Audit of that page. You will able to see various required SEO tags and many other things. For example, you will able to see if your site has a title tag, meta descriptions with proper length or not, if meta keywords tag used or not. It checks heading tag, Text/HTML ratio, images ALT tag, robots.txt file and much more.

And there are many more things you can check:

  • Checking internal and external links
  • Check total backlinks, referring domains, referring IPS.
  • Check traffic analytics
  • Tells you the total number of ads and total publishers
  • Compare URL with other URLs.

These all are the combined reasons that every blogger should use SEOquake because it helps you to collect some important data related to SEO from your blog and show you just in one place.

Every blogger wants to improve their blog. To do it one of the most important things is to track on various SEO data of blog which indicates if all the thing is going right or not.

From all the above content you can clearly see that you will get a huge informational data on SEO using just one browser extension which is SEOquake. All of the data are gather in one place which makes it easy for me to track on various thing on my blog which will be so helpful in improving your blog. And this is the main reason why I suggest every blogger use this extension.

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