10 Common Mistakes Made By Most New Bloggers

New blogging sites are being created every day. Many new bloggers start their blog with the intention of making money from their blogging. But where these blog sites are going? What’s happening with these blogs created every day?

In reality, there are very few bloggers are able to get success in blogging. There are millions of bloggers worldwide, which is really so huge in numbers. But the number of successful bloggers who are already earning from their blog is very low. A survey of Blogging.org showed that 81% of bloggers never able to make $100.

So what you think about blogging? It is really terrible. Isn’t it?

Of course, there is some reason behind the failure of a new blogger. Newbie bloggers often make some common mistakes that are the main reason for their failure.

When I was a beginners blogger, I also made lots of mistakes. You can read about the mistakes I did in this post – Blogging mistakes that I made when I was a beginner in blogging.

If you are also a new blogger then this article going to be helpful to you. Here I am going to aware you of 10 common mistakes that bloggers do and even you may also do one or more than one of that mistakes.

Here are the 10 common mistakes that newbie bloggers may do

1. SEO not configured

Many newbie bloggers just start their blogging site by installing WordPress, choosing a theme and after that start writing. But they forget to configure SEO or completely ignorant of SEO. Sometimes it can also be found that for the lack of knowledge in SEO their SEO not properly configured.But to get organic search traffic SEO must have to be configured properly.

But to get organic search traffic, SEO must have to be configured properly. Organic search traffic is the life of a blog site and without it, bloggers never can see success on their blogging. So configuring SEO is must have to do before you start writing a post.

I suggest you to read this article: Why Configuring SEO Properly Is So Important For Your Blog?

2. Proper blog niche not chosen

I have seen in my real life saying a guy that he wants to start a new blog which will contain with almost all topics as he is an all-rounder. But in reality, it will completely lead a blog towards failure having a multi – topic.

You should choose a niche or topic for your blog in which you have the proper knowledge and you can write great content. Google, Bing and most of the other popular search engines love a site which has a particular niche. Google show results from those sites having a niche more likely than those multi-niche sites. I have discussed about it in details in this article: Write On One Topic Or Multi-Topic For Your New Blog Site?

Even I also made mistakes in choosing a particular niche. I started writing on any topic whatever I know. But suddenly I realize my mistakes by reading so many blogs.

3. Not using the nofollow tag for external links

A blog website can contain lots of external links. These links can be from some low quality of the sites or may have several issues with those sites. Also, search engines don’t like those sites that contain too many external links without nofollow.

Now the question has come – How doing it?

Here is an example:

<a href=”www.externallink.com” rel=”nofollow” >Link text</a>

So all of your external links should contain real”nofollow” tag. Thus search engines will ignore those external links on your site and it will not able to get the traffic juice from your site.

4. Writing long paragraph

Most of the new bloggers have an intention in writing a blog post with giant solid blocks of text without any dividers. Always remember, writing on a blog is different than writing for any other platform.Always keep in mind during writing your blog post that peoples on the internet have a shorter attention span and patient than people who are grading a college paper or reading a novel.

Always keep in mind during writing your blog post that peoples on the internet have a shorter attention span and patient than people who are grading a college paper or reading a novel. Your audience doesn’t like to read long paragraph and it will break their interest to your blog.

You should always keep your paragraph short and split it into several parts with a heading or bold text, photos to make it easily digestible for your readers.

5. Copy from other blogs and violate copyright

Some newbie bloggers don’t know how it can affect on their blog to copy content or part of an article from other’s blog. Google is so serious and it obviously reduces the ranking of your blog if your blog is found to copy other blog’s content. It will harm you

6. Does not add social media buttons

Many new bloggers do not think it to be important and they do not add social media buttons on their blog. Each and every post should have social sharing buttons.

7. Not publishing regularly

Search engines like those blog sites that publish new content on a regular basis. But many new bloggers take a long break from writing and thus its effect on the SEO of their blog.

8. Focusing in quantity more than quality

This is very common mistakes by newbie bloggers to increase the number of posts on their blog. Even when I was new, I also tried to increase the number of posts on my blog and for this I wrote very short and low quality types posts.

In this process, I quickly able to increase the number of posts. But I did not improve in getting organic search traffic. Then I know that I also have to concentrate on writing quality and sufficient content for each blog.

I am not saying that quantity is not important. Yes, it is important, but quality is also an important. It is better to write three quality post per week than publishing a short low quality post everyday.

9. Poor hosting quality

If a new blogger starts a site first time, then this is a common mistake. I also did this mistake. You should choose a hosting provider that is able to give your site great speed and performance. But almost all the cheap hosting providers make your site incredibly slow.

Website speed is also a factor in Google search ranking. Poor quality of hosting will affect on your site’s search traffic.

10. Excepting instant result

New bloggers often found in losing their patient and want to get instant result. After writing few post they think they should get thousands of traffic per day. But a new blogger should always remember that they are new and it needs some time for them to get a certain amount of traffic to their blog.

They have to keep patient and they should continue adding new content on their blog for a few months without earning anything and with very low traffic. Even it can take years to get a good amount of traffic.

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