3 Chrome Extensions That I Use To Improve My Blog

Every blogger should find some way that can help to improve their blog. I also use many tools to improve my blog.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 3 Chrome extensions that I use to improve my blog which helps my blog in many ways. Even now at the time of writing this article also I am using these tools.

So what are those browser extensions that I use to improve my blog?

Here are these three great Chrome or browser extensions that are helping me a lot in my blogging life:

1. Grammarly

It is really a problem for all non-native bloggers who write a blog in English as they make so many mistakes in grammar. Even I am also a non-native English blogger and I often make some mistakes in grammar.

Grammarly helps me a lot to avoid mistakes in grammar and spelling also. I really love this tool so much as it helps my blog to free from any grammar mistakes.

At the time of writing from WordPress editor it randomly shows me my mistakes in grammar and spelling and suggests the correct and I use their suggestion to correct those mistakes. After the day I got this extension for my Chrome browser, I started to check and modify all of my old blog posts by correcting the grammar mistakes.

Well, you need to have an account to use this extension. There ae both free and paid version is available for Grammarly.

2. SEOquake

I first come to know about SEOquake on SEMrush at the left side of my SEMrush dashboard. I just think to try it and after I use Chrome extension of SEOquake I realize how useful is it.

SEOquake shows me the SEO statistics of my site every day. I can get information on various things related to my blog from this Chrome extension like How many pages of my site are indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. It also let me know the Alexa rank, SEMrush rank, Webarchive age, backlinks, keyword density of current page and much more.

In short, I can say it about this extension – All the required SEO data of your site you can see gathered in one place. I suggest every blogger try it. To improve your blog SEO you need to track your SEO data regularly to see if all the thing is going well or not. I suggest you read this article which tells you more about SEOquake – Why bloggers should use the SEOquake browser extension?

3. Mozbar

Mozbar is an extension that shows you domain authority, page authority, spam score which you can see from the Moz’s Open Site Explorer. This Chrome extensioIt helps me to check those statuses for my site quickly.Domain Authority is an important SEO factor now. Know more about DA from this article –

Domain Authority is an important SEO factor now. Know more about DA from this article – Why Domain Authority is so important for your website? So you understand how important it is to track your Domain Authority regularly to see if it downgoing or improving.

There are some more extensions available for Chrome that I tried once. But these three are those I am still using. And Grammarly is my favorite and I love it too much to use. It helps me in each blog post. So Grammarly will always be special for me.

In the end of this article, I want to tell you that I still using these three Chrome extensions on my blog at the time of writing this blog post. I hope you also realize these extensions helpful for you and you would also like to start using these.

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  1. Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

    Your welcome and best wishes from me for your blogging life. Grammarly also so helpful for me as I am from a non-English country.

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