Why Domain Authority is so important for your website?

Domain Authority of a website or blogging site is an important ranking system for that site which indicates how Google’s Algorithms rank your site based on the site’s authority or credibility and quality on the web. This ranking system is developed by Moz SEO team. Domain Authority is the calculated metric from Moz which measures how well a given domain or the website is likely to rank in Google’s search results. So it has the direct relation to SEO.

Domain Authority and Page Authority checking tool by EyeSwift

Domain Authority is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO and this value major within the scale 1 to 100. Value 1 means the worst Domain Authority and value 100 refers to the best. To know more about Domain Authority and how it works I suggest you read this blog – What Is Domain Authority And Why You Need To Improve It?

Where can you Find Domain Authority?

Domain Authority metrics are incorporated into dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web. You will be able to find Domain Authority of your site using Open Site Explorer or the MozBar, Moz’s free SEO toolbar. Moz incorporates Authority metrics into all Moz Analytics campaigns, as well as the Mozscape API.

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What is the importance of Domain Authority for your site or blog on SEO?

Lots of bloggers and website owner does not care for domain authority for their sites. But Domain Authority is an important factor for getting the search traffic from Google. In this blog post, I am going to tell you why Domain authority for a site is so important.

Domain Authority and Page Authority checking tool by EyeSwift

So why Domain Authority is important for your website or blog? Well, do you know that higher domain authority of your site will help you to get more search traffic? DA has a great value for search engines and impact on SEO. Higher domain authority means higher chance to appear your website link on Google organic search results and all we know that organic search traffic is best for any website or blog.

Domain Authority depends on a various thing and it measures the quality of the website also. So search engine also like to show those websites more rapidly on their search results with higher Domain authority.

You don’t have to worry about Domain Authority. If your website is new and yet you are creating great and quality content then your site will soon get a higher domain authority, that means the DA of your site will improve. Carry on good work and soon your face will be felt with happiness. Always write useful content for your blog that will be helpful for readers. Believe me, you will get more search traffic as the DA will also be increased.


I think now you have understood and it is clear to you that domain authority is so important for your website or blog and it will obviously help to improve the SEO of your website. There is some great way to improve the Domain Authority of your site. To know how to improve the domain authority of your site or blog I suggest you to read this blog – How To Improve Or Increase Domain Authority Of Your Site?

Also, you should aware of this fact that domain authority can be decreased for your site and you will see a huge traffic loss on your website. So you should know the most important reason which can be the reason for losing the domain authority of your site – 3 Major Reasons Of Decreasing Domain Authority Of Your Site.

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