Why should you stop using meta keywords on your site?

Meta keywords refer to one kind of meta tag that contains some important keywords related to the content of a web page. The meta keywords tag is basically the part of HTML code that is placed inside the <head> tag.

Here is an example of meta keywords tag:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”improve SEO, Blog SEO, SEO marketing, Search traffic”/>

Do you use meta keywords tag on your site or blog? If you are using it on your site then I suggest you to stop using meta keywords on your site. I am also not using meta keywords on my blog.

Why meta keywords used in past? Why is it unnecessary now?

In past, meta keyword was an important part of SEO. But it was past. Now most popular search engines like Google, Bing, and YaHoo do not count meta keywords as the part of their ranking factor. So today there is no value of meta keywords for Google, Bing, YaHoo and most of the other popular search engines.

But why Google stop paying attention to meta keywords tag?

Well, Google realized that many bloggers and website owners are involved in web spam using meta keywords tag, and also it is not possible that anyone gets a higher rank on search engines just for adding meta keywords on their website.

In 2009, Google officially announced that the search engine is no more using meta keywords tag as a ranking factor.

 Some SEO professionals still believe in meta keywords tag

I have met with some SEO experts who still believe in meta keywords and some of the SEO companies too. They told me that if meta keywords can be used properly then it will be good for SEO.

But what happened if it is not used properly?

I also know that some of the search engines that are not so popular may work on meta keywords. But still, I don’t recommend to use meta keywords.

If meta keywords may works a little bit, so why I should not use it?

Yes, it may work on those search engines which still count meta keywords as a factor. But think about the popular search engines like Google, Bing, and YaHoo all of these popular search engines are no more taking meta keywords as their ranking factor.

In my opinion, there are no meaning of increasing the unnecessary code or garbage on your site. What happened if Google penalized your site for unnecessary use of meta keywords and Google take it as a black hat SEO technique? It can be considered as keywords stuffing and web spam. Here I have already discussed about it – What Is Keyword Stuffing And Why It Is bad For A Site?

And also you will get almost all of your search traffic from Google, Bing, and YaHoo. So you should always keep your code clean and free from any unnecessary garbage in your code so that it will be easy for Google to crawl your website. Search engines like Google also don’t like unnecessary garbage on a site.

So that’s the reason I want to suggest you to stop using meta keywords tag on your site and concentrate on that SEO code that is acceptable for Google search engines. If you only concentrate on Google and write SEO code on your site according to Google then it will be best for you also for most of the other popular search engines.

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