7 Ways to Make Money from a Food Blog

Are you running a food blog or want to start a food blog? Do you think food blogging is something you love and you are able to do it full time?

If you are among them who are passionate about food blogging and run a food blog or want to start a new one then this article is going to be helpful for you.

Do you know, there are food bloggers exists who make a good amount of money from their food blogging website? They completely do it full time and make food blogging their career. I also want you to become a successful full-time food blogger. So here in this blog post, I am going to list 7 different ways that can help you to make money from your food blog. Well, everyone loves to make money from their blog.

All the methods I am going to list here are proven as I already have seen food bloggers making money with one or multiple of the methods that are mentioned in this article.

Before I go forward, I want to let you know that there is no rocket science in this list that will take money for you just in one or two days. To get success, you must have to work hard and keep patience, because it takes time.


List of 7 strategies to make money from a food blog

So now it’s time to see the list that contains the methods of generating revenue from a food blog. So below is the list:


Advertising networks

This is the easiest way of starting to make money from blogging. Even new bloggers can start with AdSense.

Yes, AdSense is the best ad network for a new blog. But after you gain more traffic to your food blog, you can stop using AdSense and go with a premium ad network.

Premium ad networks can bring you even more revenue than AdSense. When you start to get pageviews over 10000, you can go with Ezoic or Monumetric.

After you reach more than 25000 sessions per month, you can apply to Mediavine. When you get more than 100k pageviews, you can start using AdThrive. But if you like, you can still stick with Mediavine because Mediavine is really good. But both the Mediavine and AdThrive will accept your blog only if your blog is getting most of the traffic from the United States.

Well, there are lots of other premium advertising networks that accept blogs that receiving Majority traffic outside of the United States. For example, Pixfuture, Valueimpression, optAd360, etc are some of the premium ad networks that will accept your blog even if the majority of your traffic is not coming from the US.

To get approved on Pixfuture and Valueimpression, you have to receive at least 100k minimum pageviews. For optAd360, the minimum pageviews required is 200k.

Using any of the premium ad networks will help you to earn several times more than AdSense. Even the amount can be 4 to 5 times more than AdSense.


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Sponsored posts and brand sponsorships

Lots of food bloggers get paid to write for products made by other companies that are related to food or used in cooking. In a nutshell, companies pay to the bloggers for promoting their product and food bloggers do it by making a recipe using their product.

But to make money with this method, a blog should have a good amount of traffic. Companies search for those blogs that are valuable to them.

Sometimes companies also like to show their product in the food blog recipe article with the food photo or stand-alone photo of their products.

When you start getting traffic on your food blog, you may find companies asking you for sponsored posts or brand sponsorships.

There are a few online sponsored posts platform available from where you can get sponsorships. Taboola, Outbrain are two of them. Even you can also search for suitable companies and brands directly that are related to food or recipe and ask if they would like to get a sponsored post or brand sponsorships.


Affiliate programs

Making money from affiliate programs is one of the most popular methods for bloggers. There or blogs who earn thousands of dollars or even more every month just using affiliate programs.

Just like I mentioned in the advertising network section, a new blogger also can start with affiliate programs.

You can also earn money with your food blog using affiliate programs. Generally, bloggers use affiliate links of the products related to their blogging niche. When someone clicks the link and purchase it then the blogger earns a small percentage from the product amount that the user pay to purchase the product.

You can also find affiliate programs of products that are related to your food blog. There are lots of affiliate networks available. Amazon affiliate, Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, VigLink, Rakuten Linkshare, Skimlinks, are some of the affiliate networks where you can find a product that used in the recipe, in making food.

Try to find the affiliate link of the ingredients that you mention in the post and put it in your food blog post.


Sell your own products

Another way of making money from your food blog is by selling your own product.

Now you may think about what type of product to sell. So here I am giving you some ideas.

For example, you can sell your cookbook or eBook. Well, you can also make some ingredients for making your recipe. You can sell that ingredient with the help of your blog.

You can also make and then sell your premium cooking videos.


Selling direct ad space

You can sell advertising space directly to advertisers. You can keep a space on the sidebar and show the text like “Advertising here” or “Put your banner here”. If your blog is valuable and you are getting good pageviews, then there will be a high chance that someone buys the ad space directly.

You have to create an advertising page where advertisers can contact you or continue the process which will be linked to the ad space.

In this way, you can make even more money than the advertising network and also it will good more than the advertising network in terms of user experience as it will not make your website much slower.

Also, on the advertising network, you have to share your profit with the network. But here in the case of direct ad selling, you don’t have to share your revenue with anyone.


Sell food photography

You are running a food blog means you have amazing and testy photos of food and photos of the moment when the food in the process. Isn’t it?

I am asking it because you can make a profit from those photos. But it is not like selling the photos directly. You will give the right to brands so that they can use your photos. In return, they will pay you for it.

Well, there are many brands that often need fresh photos. So you can take it as an opportunity.



If your food blog grows enough, you may magazine publisher may come to you and ask you to give them tights to publish your content or photo in their magazine. You can get paid for this.

In this way, the amount you will earn may vary depending upon your blog’s popularity.

Well, you can also give the magazine the right to use your content completely free of cost. In return, you may promote your blog through that magazine which will help your blog growing and you may earn indirectly.


So that’s it…

I hope you will apply these strategies to your food blog to make the profit.

Also, if there are any other strategies that come in your mind, you can let me know by leaving a comment below.

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