Why is Facebook the best traffic source for news websites?

Today Facebook is the largest social community on the internet. It is dominating as the top social media platform for several years. Today millions of peoples use Facebook and millions of them spend time on this social media platform every day.

Also, Facebook is a great traffic source for lots of websites, especially for the news websites. Do you have any idea why I have mention news websites? Well, the most of the referral traffic from Facebook go to news websites.

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Another interesting face is the total amount of traffic news websites get from Facebook is even more than from Google. Just imagine that the number one search engines Google have lagged behind Facebook in sending traffic to news websites.

From the above content, anyone can realize that Facebook is the best or number one traffic source for news websites and there should be no doubt. But do you know the reasons behind it? What are the appropriate reasons that made Facebook the best traffic sources for news websites?

Now I am going to tell you appropriate reasons that make Facebook the best traffic sources for news websites.

We already know that Facebook gets millions of traffic every day. Millions of peoples check their News Feed. If they find anything interesting link with the interesting title then they may visit the web page.

But what happened if it is not a link for a news website? To better understand this, I am going to give you an example.

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Suppose there are two links someone has shared on Facebook. Both of these reached to the news feed of few peoples. But one link is a link from fashion blog and the other one is from a news website.

All types of peoples come to Facebook every day. Now think what types of peoples visit the link from fashion blog? Generally, the peoples that are interesting to fashion related articles are very few and the link only may be interesting to those who are interesting to fashion related blog. But in case of the link from the news website, it is different.

In the real world outside of Facebook, you see lots of peoples watching the news on TV, reading the newspaper. So for a link from a news website, all types of peoples can be attracted to the link from a news website just like all types of peoples can show interest for a particular news.

Also, there are more chances of like a page of a news website rather than like any other types of pages. Facebook users do this as they think they will get useful news updates from the page. Generally, all types of Facebook users with various interest may like a Facebook page. But a particular Facebook users may like the page from other types of websites who are interested the niche of the website.

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Facebook page of news websites can contain news on politics, entertainment, sports and so on. So peoples that are interesting in sports, entertainment, politics and so on may like the page of a news website.

But for a fashion page peoples only interested in fashion and for an entertainment page peoples only interesting to entertainment will like the page.

And did you think why news websites got more traffic than Google?

Just suppose an incident occurs which covered by lots of news websites and then they share the link on their Facebook page. When peoples see their link on Facebook, they may visit the web page that covered the news on their website.

But how peoples will search the news on Google? To search on Google, they need to know that the incident occurred that covered by the news websites. But from where they will know so that they can search? There is no source to know this and if they already know then the chances that they will search will be decreased as they already know about the incident. That is the reason news websites getting more traffic than Google.

Well, the total traffic sending to all website are most from Google, but for news websites, Facebook sends more traffic than Google. Even after I developed and set up a news website for one of my clients, I can see that they started getting desirable traffic from Facebook, but almost no traffic from Google just within few days.

So I hope you have understood why Facebook is the best traffic source for news websites.

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    Hello, its fastidious post concerning facebook, we all understand Facebook is a fantastic source of facts.

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