Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin

Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin

I have already discussed on two SMS plugin for a WooCommerce store to send SMS. In this post also, I am going to introduce with another WooCommerce SMS alert plugin that can send SMS in India from your WooCommerce store.

This time, the plugin I am going to discuss works with a different type of SMS API. It uses Textlocal India SMS API. If you are from India and your WooCommerce store is based in India, then Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin may be a perfect choice for you.

Textlocal is a well-known SMS API provider. It provides its services in many countries. The plugin that I am going to discuss is specially built to use in India. You can get Textlocal India API by visiting their official website for India. After getting the API you just need to put the API key in the plugin configuration.

The plugin can not only send SMS to customers but also can send it to admin. Off-course, you can disable and enable it for each type of SMS.

Also, you have to buy SMS plan from Textlocal to send SMS.


Features of Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin

Now it’s time to take a look at all the features and functionality of this plugin. Before purchasing a product is always a good practice to see all the features of that product.

Below are the given features and functionalities of this WooCommerce SMS plugin:

  • Send SMS from your WooCommerce store in India.
  • Different type of SMS can be sent using this plugin. Currently, this plugin will send SMS for payment complete, completed orders, for cancellation of orders, failed orders, for pending order and for a refund of products
  • With this plugin, you can enable/disable any type of SMS for admin or for the customer. For example, you can disable or enable payment complete SMS for admin or for buyers or for both.
  • SMS text is fully customizable.
  • You can include total order amount, order currency, order ID and site name inside the SMS text.

I hope you would like the features that I have discussed above. If you need this Textlocal WooCommerce SMS sending plugin then you can purchase it now.


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Why you need this plugin?

Sending SMS to make buyers confirmed and improve their user experience with confidence is a common thing by popular eCommerce brand to send SMS to their buyers. You can see eCommerce giant like Amazon sends SMS to their buyers.

Now a question may appear, why you shouldn’t enable SMS alert sending feature for your business?

If you are from India then you may like to use an SMS API provider that can send SMS all over India from your WooCommerce shop easily and seamlessly. For this purpose, Textlocal India WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin has come to help you.

For this reason, you may prefer to buy this plugin.

If you want to know anything about this plugin then you can contact directly to the plugin’s website. They don’t sell any of the third party products. They sell their plugins directly to their website and always ready to help you.

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